• The server shuts down
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Hello, help me please solve my problem, in 6 hours or 4 days, after start.bat start The cmd window stops responding and the server crashes until you reboot, what could be the problem? The PC stably works, but the console stops responding.
RAM usage of the server at this point? Entity count? I'll guess and say your playing in the server with the same computer that's hosting it? My guess is you're overloading your computer after a few hours and it decides to shut down the server process.
3GB usage of the server, 8gb total. Alas, no, you are wrong, the server and the PC from which I play these are different things.
Post your log file... C:\servers\rustserver\oxide\logs file should look something like: oxide_2017-11-29.txt
My server uses less than a gig, maybe something is leaking or overwhelming it and crashing.
Don't know what kind of servers you are hosting lol... A fully vanilla server uses around 5GB of space and my modded servers use around 40GB each...
I found my total in resource monitor, it is 3.1GB. Didn't know it had it separately, Thanks.
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