• Come one come all! The Official Rusty Nips VANILLA Server wiped 11/28!
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Hello, are you looking for a new server for next forced wipe? Or a server to screw around on this weekend? Well Rusty Nips is here for you! The server is fresh and was wiped Tues(11/28) The average pop is around 20-30 during off hours and 60-70 on peak hours. The server is a rented ddos protected server. Consistent low ping(50-80 avg). Group size cap is 5 member. Server discord up and poppin. We really hope to see you there! We have a great core group of 20-25 regular players and hope to grow that. DIRECT CONNECT:  client.connect SERVER NAME: The Official Rusty Nips VANILLA Server [wiped 11/28] Wipe cycle will be monthly after the forced wipe 12/7. Full server rules: Fb.me/rustynipsofficial DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/h6MGs5M
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