• Brand new Server, Wiped monthly on the 1st of every month
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Hello from Lords of Destruction. We are a multi gaming PC clan and have decided to open up a brand new Rust server. We have a 50 player Rust server with minimal mods used for server management not game changing. Please feel free to join us and help our Rust community grow!
If you didn't know, force wipes are every first Thursday of the month. Wiping on the first of every month could mean you would have to wipe your server again in just a few days.
Ok good to know thank you. Although not sure how I feel about a game company forcing my paid for server to be wiped automatically
Yeah, it sucks when a game in development forces you to implement their updates into your server. I agree...
So with the force wipe, is a manual wipe needed? What would you suggest?
It's actually a weekly update routine. Forced wipes are used to implement game changing features and honestly it keeps things balanced. I plan to wipe my server monthly even if they don't force wipes in the future. Yoh will need to restart your server (make sure it's set to update on all updates) every Thursday around 4pm EST so people with updated client build can connect.
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