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Come on in here to stress test the server we need all players we can get. the name of the server is TOXIC VANILA PLAYGROUND so my duds come on in and test
I am going to sound a little harsh here but it is intended to show to you the importance of solid advertising. You come here on the forum and advertise your server yet you give no real direction (other than a name) on how to get to it. You come here on the forum and advertise your server asking for people to come on yet you expect them to search for your name? Pro tip: If you want people to come, give them a reason to. Your server listing is just as joe blow as majority on this listing section. I mean, what reason would I have to come to your server with the up teen hundreds of other servers? What are you offering that no one else is? Is it modded or Vanilla. If modded what multipliers are you using. Is it a wipe or no wipe. Are clans allowed?...I could go on and on. Are you getting this? Because if your not...have fun wasting your money with a server that attracts no one.
I'll have to side in with Rush, you didn't give any important info, didn't specify an IP and your reason is bogus. If you want to stress test a server, type those in the F1 console: Bear.population 1000 Chicken.population 1000 Npcapex.population 1000 Wolf.population 1000 Stag.population 1000 Boar.population 1000 Horse.population 1000 And also copy and paste a few dozens of those: Heli.call
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