• What's your ideal server?
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Hey there everyone I'm looking for comments from individuals telling me what they're looking for in a server. Group size: Trio? Duo? Solo? Other? No limits? Gameplay: Pure Vanilla? Vanilla with oxide (vip, color names, admin tools, some chat commands like /wipe or /players)? Modded times X? Fully modded with game changing stuff? Max pop: 50? 100? 200? As much as possible (>300)? Other services: Discord? TS? Website? Anything else? Admin involvement: Playing admins? Non-Playing admins? Big troll admins? Small troll admins? Interact with chat or not? Active visible admins (in chat, etc)? Active ninja admins(stays quiet but does what's needed)? Ruleset: Chat moderation (Racism/spam/etc)? Griefing? Walling monuments? If you guys have any answers they're welcome, please include your playstyle (Solo-small group(up to 5)-clan) if you submit something
Hmmm, If people would actually take the time to reply to this it would be interesting and helpful to me and other server owners to make our servers better for the players. problem... getting people to actually answer all these questions...
lag free, less ping <60, no group limit, full vanilla, maxpop >100, with online >60, NP active admin (vis in chat +), no other rules (admins kill only cheaters), month global vipe, 5k or more map.
ikr Thanks for the answer! What kind of playstyle do you normally do? Do you play with a group, if so, of how much?
Ah the everlasting question. "What do they want" Seen these before, been a part of them as well and the one thing I have found is that these poll's will contain the same mixed opinions . it is so tough being a server owner because we attempt to try and please everyone. This obviously is not going to happen,but we try. I now have completely gone away from that. I have built a server with which I would play on and not catering to anyone yet hoping that there are like minded people. I have noticed that I still have some hair left that I hadn't pulled out yet after coming to that decision.
group, raid oriented.
I am server owner and now its pure vanilla, with cars but thats vanilla sedans via automated rcon spawn command at radtowns. Then you have chance to find sedan. Thats all But i think to addd oxide only with colored names. Legacy was good you can change chat colour but its removed. If its admin only ok but it should be in. Or facepunch have to make all chat white for admins players console and remove avatars just white text hmmm better? Also i do not care if there is vip queue skip like rustafied why not you do not need it but its good to keep server alive. I think thats better than vanilla and modded because also X2 X5 x10 x1000 is dumb too!!!
Group size: Don't care Gameplay: I enjoy many aspects of the game, so I like everything from vanilla to heavily modded. I also enjoy servers that completely change the game. Max pop: I enjoy low-pop. 50 or less. Other services: A website is good to explain addons and how your server is different as well as offline contacts for admins. Admin involvement: Non-playing admins only. Anyone with the ability to spawn in items or god-mode should not play. It will be assumed they cheat. Moderators with kick/ban can play as long as people don't suspiciously d/c every time they get in a firefight with them or raid them. Ruleset: I like adultrust style servers that frown upon childish behavior and griefing. I hate hearing admins say "That's Rust". Wipe day/time/schedule: I like weekly map wipes with monthly progression (bp's, money, zlevels, etc) wipes.
Group size: Trio Gameplay: Pure Vanilla Max pop: I like around 100 Other services: Team Speak Admin involvement: Non-Playing admins Ruleset: Racism/spam/etc Wipe day/time/schedule: Map wipe every week and BP wipe every 2 weeks. Enjoy.
I just play minecraft
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