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Just Started My Own Server Looking For Players To Come And Play It Is a Pure Vanilla UK Server. What Is The Best Way To Get Players? i'm not intending on making many rules as i want people to play the game as is. is there some rules that you have to have? your feedback would be great. Thank You. server is tuna can club, if you would like a look. lol
Advertise and Marketing your server is the best avenue to attract players. Rules are completely up to you. What do you like about other servers but dont like about some, this should be how you approach your rules. The one thing you are going to have to constantly remind yourself is that you are carrying a Vanilla server. How many other Vanilla servers are out there? Tons...set yourself a part from everybody else. It will be your unique approach that brings people in and (most importantly) retains them playing.
I am owner of bulgarian server amd because there are only 2 bulgarian servers will work but Nope i have 10-20 players other 1-4 players. UK servers are more than tousands just advertise man. Also i have in my description something in bulgarian but i will translate it: (There are no rules thats Rust.) Try it more rules you have more bad i think. Also i have via rcon auto sedans spawn at airfield and oxums and everyone can test and drive sedans if find one. This is good to because i do not know server which offer whis.
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