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I am server owner and i run community vanilla. I want to install some plugins only to make my server better and do not change vanilla gameplay or just gameplay. Here is my list please replay which one i can use with unflagged oxide and prevent my servers from blacklist. -BetterChat (organize chat, if not allowed then no problem) -BetterSay (custom server console name and color look ingame) -ColouredNames (just different colors for names nothing bad?) -DevblogAnnouncer (inform everyone for devblogs) -InventoryViewer (hmm?) -PrivateMessage (if you want to chat with friends private) -RustedStore (server cost money and i want to queue buypass donation via this simple store plugin) -SignArtist ( not good idea? Let me know, i have rustangelo too then no problem) -OnScreenLogo (just logo of my server) Also how my server can be blacklisted. Automaticly if i install for example something that change gameplay (ex. Kits and simmilar) or only if someone report my server. Please reply aloowed plugins. I do not want to abuse, but you were able to change color ingame in Legacy and every almost every server also rustafied have skip queue vip. Thanks in advance.
The only plugins that are currently allowed on a vanilla server is admin tools such as a admin panel and the queue to skip is allowed also. QUOTE: wulf Oxide is a mod, so by default your server will be under the Modded section. The oxide.config.json has a toggle for this. Facepunch allows "admin tools" under Community, which is basically things intended for admin use. Non-visual changes, no game mechanic changes, etc. Abusing this has the potential for being blacklisted. Rust:IO isn't allowed in the Community section. Any sort of live map isn't allowed. There are official servers that use Oxide and plugins, Facepunch's own words are "admin tools only". As far as I know their stance hasn't changed, so not sure why Holmzy would say otherwise.
Thanks for help I want to know how i am detected if i abuse (just interested) also i will add only colored names and rusted store is that ok? How you donate for the queue buypass is there any special plugin or my favourite donation plugin rusted.store is ok?
the only way for this to be done on a vanilla server is with a online web store (website). It is a little complex to make it automated so that when people buy an item it automatically gives them their product but you can do it manually like I do. I am an entry level website developer and if you want to get one made I can do it for a fair price. just let me know. but I cannot make it automated because I lack the skills to do so. my website: HERE Contact Me: business@rustedgaming.com
I use this website: "rusted.store" and its very simple and good i just want to know if i am allowed to do use this plugin in vanilla.
No this plugin will not be allowed because it opens a GUI which is "visually modifying the game"
This is not gui its chat message only.
I'm not going to say yes or no but I personally would not put it on my server to find out...
M8 thats gr8
I know the solution RCON auto message every 1-2 hours with my paypal for donations and then i will kick players with reason antihack for free sloths no oxide just nothing Or i will add only colored names and queue skip and will move my vanilla in modded tab and fuck the good server with other stupid mess that contains x2 or x10 gather and quicksmelt and blah
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