• RUST-server (for beginners)
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WELCOME Are you a beginner at Rust or interested in getting started? Excellent! A month ago we launched our server primary aimed at beginners and experienced players seeking a more relaxed playstyle. So far we have mostly had people from Scandinavia and Britain online, but also a bunch from the rest of Europe. BACK TO THE BEGINNING December 7th the server will get wiped as the next big update is launched, setting everyone back to nothing else but a rock and torch. We normally wipe once a month (might be changed to every 3 weeks in the future) to give everyone the chance of setting up something nice. The more experienced players are welcoming and helpful. GENERAL INFORMATION Wipe every month (might getting changed to every 3 weeks). Most tend to play solo but groups up to four are allowed. Raiding and PvP are part of what makes Rust interesting but griefing is not. it is allowed to overtake a base to make use of it yourself but not to simply destroy it. We try to keep raiding at a decent level, not ruining other people completely, mind most are newcomers. Behave yourself in both text and voice chat. 3K map with lots of landmarks. No mods used, the server runs with vanilla files only. CONTACT Discord is a great place to gather: https://discord.gg/YvQDRDc SERVER [EU/UK/SE]Noob Resort IP: Listed in Rust under "Community".
congrats man
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