• Vanilla Sedans Server with nice community and good ping
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* Map - 2000km, only forced wipe (more people bigger map) * Only forced BP wipe * Bulgaria/Europe players allowed US players too Russians and everyone other who love rust. * Automated sedans sapawn at the radtowns Join and Enjoy Drive one sedantoday only in (BULGARIA/EUROPE) SHKEMBE CHORBA - OFFICIAL SERVER in the community tab or via IP: [url=https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/1714329][img]https://cdn.battlemetrics.com/b/standardVertical/1714329.png?foreground=%23ff0000&linkColor=%2329ac05&lines=%2329ac05&background=%23ffffff&chart=players%3A24H&chartColor=%23ff0000&maxPlayersHeight=300[/img][/url]
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