• [EU] Stockholmia/Dedicated/Leveling/Buildingblock/Teleports/Fresh Start
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*Level up your skills to gather faster. Vanilla rates but after some gathering you gather pretty fast. *Ingame map *Teleports, home, tpr, tpa. MAX 2 homes. *Teleportation Cooldowns is from 30-60 min and have limited uses during one day. *Faster crafting *Stack more resources *2x faster melting *Starting Kit for starters *Friends *No Admin abusing *Clans *Dedicated Server with good latency 24/7 *Fresh started server 2017-12-03 *Server IP Wanna help me advertise or help me as an active Admin? Contact me on steam, (Officialstorken) The server is currently running on a Dedicated server rented by me. 
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