• Looking to start a paid server - Need people to work with
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Hello, I was the owner of a successful server on rust legacy and was looking to start another server on the new Rust. Main things I will need help with is any other people who are experienced in starting rust servers and a staff team to help advertise and manage the server. If you want to join or have any questions feel free to message or add me. I am paying for the server, i'm not asking for someone else to pa Will be located in the oceania area
I am owner if bulgarian rust server if i can help you with something i will try my best to do it. Cuz out shit community is awsome we have 2 servers for bulgaria in whole game both no more than 5 my with 10 ppl max average. The problem is the ping form austalia but i wish you help. Try to make it vanilla might be sucessfull
can i join
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