• Wipe Day Carnage!!! Join the rusty nips community!
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READY FOR WIPE DAY???? Well Rusty Nips is here for all your wipe day carnage needs! JOIN US ON DEC 7TH FOR THE FINAL NAKED MASACRE OF 2017! The average pop is around 20-30 during off hours and 60-70 on peak hours.  The server is a rented ddos protected server. Consistent low ping(50-80 avg). Group size cap is 5 member. Active admin staff that does not play on the server to ensure no abuse! Server discord up and poppin.  Website as well as forums will be up in the next day or two. We really hope to see you there! We have a great core group of 20-25 regular players and hope to grow that.  DIRECT CONNECT:  client.connect SERVER NAME: The Official Rusty Nips VANILLA Server Wipe cycle will be monthly after the forced wipe 12/7. Full server rules: Fb.me/rustynipsofficial DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/h6MGs5M Any questions or connection issues can be relayed through: Rustynipsofficial@gmail.com
Is this vanilla?
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