• [DE/EU] Blue Hill #1 Complete wipe (also Bluteprints) today on Force Wipe
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[DE/EU] Blue Hill beginner friendly 200 Slot Rust Server SOLO/DUO/TRIO Welcome to the Blue Hill rust community supportet by gamers.li Server benefit: - Gifts after time for everyone (evry 45 minutes) - Events - HIGH FPS, LOW PING, NO LAGS - Vanilla - Friendly players - 3500 Map Size Server Rules: please respect new players New Players are welcome Help new players if they have any questions No Harrassment Solo / Duo / Trio No decay No griefing Passive playing Admin for supporting/helping No Admin abuse Wipe shedule: after 2 weeks (no blutprint wipe) or on force Wipe Language German or English We are ready for the force WIPE. Please join our community and nice server today. Also we are searching mods and server-admins for our community Community by Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gamersli Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/1339383 See you soon on our server. Thanks for you support as player
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