• Hackers on CAN 2 with proof.
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Well what do we have here? What does my friend's 4x scope show? a base inside a rock? Oh and it's inhabited by hackers to boot. These guys have been ruining the server since day 1 of this wipe. They have hit our base before and we finally fucking found them by random dumb luck when dicking around with a 4x. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110878/2d649e16-277b-442e-9991-4d86a755e4fe/hackers.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110878/2200982e-665d-43da-b643-43284f0663a5/20180214012508_1.jpg
As a fellow Canadian, this brings shame upon our name of goodly gents. You could try posting their steam profile links here. An easy way to do this is, when in game with them, shift-tab and go to the "view players" button. Navigate to their name and you can load their profile.
an update. admins showed up, blew the fuck out of their base, and banned them all. Granted they'll just be back on fresh accounts but it warms my heart.
Always nice to see a quick response from admins. It's been better since the end of early access. Lots of bans on Can 2. Which also meens lots of angry hackers ddosing the server and lots of down time ... but hey, I prefer a hacker free server! Especially after I saw a video of a hacker killing someone with my game name.
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