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I'm very upset that you decided to create a game on this UE4 curve! This engine is not very optimized! There are game engines better than UE4. UF4 - the worst of the popular engines!
You're an idiot.
I'm going to beat you up in real life OP
I agree with the op ue4 is a stupid engine with no optimization we need this game to be made in gold src 😠
That's TOO high end though, what we really need is the 'Creation engine' it literally has CREATION in its name alone, can you get better than that?
Use a 6 year old proprietary engine... Smart
Are you serious? https://media.giphy.com/media/9G3wg7lH5DpxC/giphy.gif
Gold Source is being used by scientists to recreate models of the universe, it's very clearly too high end for Garry's needs. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/TQzIbLQ71hM/hqdefault.jpg Look at this hyper realistic recreation of a planet. Can you even run that on a gtx1080ti????
LoL, dude unreal engine 4 good engine. Optimization depends on the developer, and how it optimizes. And give arguments, why this engine is "badly optimized".
What a grim situation we have OP. What do you propose as a solution to this malicious meddling of Layla?
I will have to object, this is not only not a screenshot of Gold source, but it's a screenshot of Source-mod Ricochet:Source. Please stop spreading these fake news around thank you very much.
You guys are all idiots They should have used the Build Engine. It literally has BUILDING STUFF in the title. jesus h
Shit he's right. We all fucking suck.
wow did you just assume op's gender?
You fuckin' bet.
As silly as this, I would drop mad cash for this.
What about succumbing to amazon and use the same engine that Star_Citizen is or was using ... Lumberyard basically CryEngine ;)
MSPAINT engine when?
Clearly they should be using the superior engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCeOEQVUWZ0
Think you need a new GPU. Seems like you're lagging a bit.
Wow, really solid arguments there bro. Don't worry, I'm sure that this post changed garry's team mind and soon they will move to Quake Engine
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