• 24% of Americans Don't Read Books in Any Form (Physical, E-Book, Audiobook)
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In this digital age it's never been easier than now to consume a ton of types of information in non-book forms. I don't read books much at all, but I enjoy reading informative articles and studies, I might watch a youtube video or documentary on netflix because it's so easy to bring one up on demand, I idly browse wikipedia from time to time and might look through the sources they offer, I keep up with the news through aggregated contents like Reddit and Facepunch, or hell just friends linking me stuff. It's possible to still be learning things without it explicitly being a book.
"Adults with annual household incomes of $30,000 or less are about three times as likely as the most affluent adults to be non-book readers (36% vs. 13%). Hispanic adults are about twice as likely as whites (38% vs. 20%) to report not having read a book in the past 12 months. But there are differences between Hispanics born inside and outside the U.S.: Roughly half (51%) of foreign-born Hispanics report not having read a book, compared with 22% of Hispanics born in the U.S." You know what I'm getting from this? People are too damn busy. If you're making that little you're probably struggling to make ends meet. And immigrants are all working their assess off.
Well that's just my own experience with books and stuff. I still wanna know why it's such a problem
I don't understand why everyone assume books = textbooks. There's a whole other side to books called "fiction"
I don't really see why this is a big deal. We have so many other means of being immersed in a good story these days, be it games, movies, or a series online or on TV. And yes I know books are more in-depth than visual media, I just prefer visual media over books, and only stray into books when the option isn't there. Usually I just listen to podcasts when I could be listening to an e-book, or music. I've read many books in the past, just not very often, usually when I find a new series I enjoy, then I binge read them all and repeat the cycle of not reading one for months or years.
That's just being vague about it. What am I getting that I really need, what part of the imagination is it that's so worrysome that people don't need, and somehow can't get from other places. And the vocabulary I just don't buy given how talking to people works so. much better, same with experiencing culture
Well it depends on the book really, and yeah, reading fiction does use your imagination in a way watching a movie or reading an article/textbook does absolutely not. I have no clue wtf you're talking about with vocabulary, books have improved my vocabulary by factors of ten in my life
this too "you have to read from this list of shitty books and write a report over the summer" was basically like every grade past 4th grade.
I spend way too much on books. I think one time I spent over $300 in a couple of months just on books
And to what effect then? What would I need that imagination for? And good for you. Have you ever learned learned a second language? Or fuck it do you even know how we come to learn our primary language? By speaking and listening to it
I got back into books at 22, was an eye opening experience.
What do you need imagination for? Really? Okay dude, settle down there. Conversational vocabulary is basically the most utilitarian range of vocab, learning vocabulary through talking to people in an everyday setting won't do much
I collect books but I haven't read one in a long time haha. I assign a lot of value to them but I don't really have time to sit and read myself.
I never said you didn't need an imagination. But this super special enhancement drug you call books isn't the only thing that can do that. But let's go back to the original question. Why do you feel it's sad that 24% of Americans don't read?
Because they're cutting themselves off from not only a great art form, but a large piece of modern culture. also, nothing but reading is going to work your brain in the SAME way
Jesus now I look like a goddamn librarian compared to you lot, I read every day, mostly at night before going to bed and am usually able to finish a short story every week. Granted its all just science fiction but still not reading any books whatsoever seems like a bad direction for our country to be moving in.
books are boring
can't even tell if sarcasm
I mean, so what? If they're cutting themselves out from that great artform that's on them, and there are plenty of other artforms to enjoy too . Mind telling me how reading, as compared to listening, or talking, helps your vocabulary?
I read textbooks for pleasure. Yes I know I'm a massive nerd.
What makes you say that?
...yeah... it is on them... and it's sad. Once again, conversational vocabulary is very different then kinds you'd find in let's say... dune
they don't feel particularly engaging. especially with assigned reading back in high school, I would find myself just waiting to finish my page quota so I could go back to doing something that actually felt engaging. even now I still would prefer to do a million things over reading a book books bore the shit out of me
Honestly, this is just as bad an argument as "all __ music sucks"
You can always find time to read a chapter here and there if it's something you want to do. Taking a shit is a favorite.
It's not really sad though, if they don't need it. Just like how it isn't sad that people don't watch movies at the movies, and digital audio isn't really sad either
Need it how? for survival? okay, but that's not what we're arguing about here. Digital audio? what?
news flash buddy, not everyone likes reading books. you don't have to take it personally
That has nothing to do with what I had just said, and you're trying to make it look like i'm taking it personally? really? There are so many books out there of all kinds of different styles. School assigned books are not a way to judge whether you like the ENTIRE MEDIUM of books
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