• 10 tonnes of pigeon crap removed from Flinders Street station dome
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Did they use moonshine to clean it with?
Whoever was apart of it had to put up with a lot of shit.
Nobody tell Joey Skylynx
Who do you think was the one they got to clean it?
Now that’s one big pile of shit.
I see they brought in professionals but, what do you even do with that amount of shit?
now local restaurants can get some free cooking material
Would it be suitable as a kind of fertilizer?
someone warn BDA, he's angered at least two people who might have something to do with this
is he a pigeon crap cleaner?
JoeySkylynx was one of those really boilerplate "yarrr state militia something something tyranny" gun people. He was permabanned yesterday for providing semi-explicit instructions on how to create a homemade explosive using pigeon poop.
You could say that...
hmm, what an oddball. well, he probably is a pigeon crap cleaner based on his intelligence, plus where else would he get all this pigeon crap? and where'd he get the idea to use it? probably because he is a pigeon crap cleaner
What are you people talking about? Only genius level IQ's work as pigeon crap cleaners because pigeon feces are one of the ingredients for creating the philosopher's stone.
what??? where i need to see this
It was kept for a little while but got deleted today
you can't make a bomb out of pigeon shit and moonshine dude
Where'd you even get that amount of bird poop? There are so many easier/more convenient ways of making dangerous explosives.
Such as with elephant crap.
The perma got reduced to a week ban
You can't, the post was deleted.
iirc, from what I've read on reddit and such, you can also use it to make for smokeless powder, which I think was where his train of thought came from with people saying you couldn't make ammunition from home in that thread, though I have no idea how one would go about doing it (I'm not telling people how to make bombs pls no ban)
A 70 years old human, would produce around 25,200 pounds of poo.... lol.
yea and thats only in a year
I've had to do roof work before. The worst part about pigeons? Where they nest, they shit. And where they nest and shit (and nobody cleans it), they die. But 10 TONNES?! God, I can barely imagine how horrible that must've smelled.
Where's Intel supposed to get their thermal paste now?
Pigeon crap is incredibly caustic, and can burn holes in the roofs of buildings. Most large cities spends millions a year removing crap and combating the fuckers.
The post is gone, but here's BDP's post about it.
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