• Apple Unveils new iPad with 9.7 inch screen, Apple Pencil support for $329
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Apple’s new iPad with Pencil support is just $299 for schools Apple introduced a new iPad today at its education event in Chicago. Rumors of a new, cheaper iPad emerged recently, and Apple is making it official with a refreshed 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support. The updated iPad will be available in Apple stores today, in silver, space gray, and a new gold finish. The tablet will include Touch ID, an HD FaceTime camera, 10 hours of battery life, an 8-megapixel rear camera, LTE option, and Apple’s A10 Fusion chip. Apple previously lowered the price of its 9.7 inch ipad last year, with a base model starting at $329, but today it’s going a step further for students. Apple is offering the new iPad to schools priced at $299 and to consumers for $329. The optional Apple Pencil will be priced at $89 for schools and the regular $99 price for consumers. This is obviously not the $259 budget iPad pricing that was rumored, but it does make it a little more affordable to students and teachers. For those who want a good screen drawing tablet for cheap the ipad is now on that list. you can get it now: https://www.apple.com/ipad-9.7/
i was hoping the rumor that there'd be a $259 ipad was true, would've insta bought it
go get last year's on clearance while you can, go go go
Why? can someone tell me the point of an Ipad?
A different form factor that can be more convenient or comfortable to use?
Portable Drawing Tablet, now for cheap
i had a galaxy tab and really only used it for watching movies. Now that I have a surface book i prefer using that instead making my tablet pointless.
laptops > chromebooks > google tablets > ipads google won, educators won't switch away from google docs and any education device needs a proper keyboard because typing and editing documents and spreadsheets is too clunky on a non tactile device, and regardless of what apple says, keyboard skills and typing skills are absolutely valuable themselves
Android on tablets and iOS on tablets are two very different experiences imo. I can't stand Android on tablets and I can't stand iOS on phones
man i just bought my parents an ipad for christmas and now it's already outdated >:(
How do the newer ipads (+ pencil) stack up to the Surface line? I'd love a drawing tablet, and the Surface has always been at the forefront of my mind as the best option.
It apparently has half the latency than my SP4 (and about the same as the new SP pen). But in all honesty, if your only use case is drawing and considering a SP costs upwards of $1000 and this iPad is around $350, the answer is pretty obvious. Although I like having one thing that can cover many uses so that's why I'd rather get a SP.
Considering I already have a laptop seems like the iPad is the best option. Thanks!
the ipad can connect with any bluetooth keyboard and turn into a keyboard computer
Eyyy it has a headphone jack; glad to see it sticking around on the iPad's at least
I'm legitimately surprised, and have no idea why they made an exception.
ipad has more room to fit one in compared to a phone not really shocking tbh
The funniest thing about this is that it totally misses their target audience. It is meant for schools and students but it is just so expensive and fragile which already defeats the point of a school device. Apple's new iPad is too fragile, expensive, and impractical for .. A great article on why it isn't of actual use for schools. At best this is a "cheaper" tablet for private use.
students can and will find ways to break any piece of tech, unintentionally or intentionally. take it from /r/techsupportgore https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupportgore/comments/7t5cl4/round_2_of_how_students_treat_their_chromebooks/ https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupportgore/comments/7u1lxi/this_was_a_brand_new_device_in_august_middle/ https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupportgore/comments/7teuhn/i_also_work_in_a_school_we_dont_provide_kids/ https://imgur.com/a/MZnKq https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupportgore/comments/6zmj62/found_this_horror_while_working_at_a_school/ http://imgur.com/8KEemg9
/r/techsupportgore has shown me that kids can be fucking terrible. On the other hand, I feel like most kids aren't stupid enough to purposefully break shit given to them by their school, as that means their parents are on the hook for replacing it, and they probably won't be too happy with little Timmy. Some of them have to learn that the hard way though.
remind me again why schools (with crumbling infrastructure, rampant undereducation and high rates of bullying) are putting their budget into $400 iPads?
So can someone please justify why Apple thinks it's okay to charge $99 for a stylus
Because iPads are have name popularity. I'm still wrapping my head around Android owning 70% of smartphone market share, because I definitely see 60:40 of iPhones to Androids. Apple is just a household name, until you hit the home computer market, then they lose a bit of traction, but still.
Find a stylus for the ipad for less than $100 that can do pressure sensitivity, angle detection, and is easily compatible with any app on the device.
The only point I could see of one, really, was the one where it's pressure sensitive and you can draw on it with the pencil. Of course they sell the pencil separately. It's still over a grand for the two, but it's like a Wacom Cintiq at half price
ya because thats what teachers want, another thing to have to troubleshoot in class and more devices to charge. I come from a family of educators and they vastly prefer chromebooks because they're affordable laptop subatitutes and google docs just works.
Welcome to Apple since over a decade ago, I'm not sure what you expected. Depends what you want, really. Obviously the Surface will do *more* overall because it's essentially just a Windows laptop with a touchscreen and pen, but if you want just a drawing tablet, the iPad'll probably be more compatible and less prone to "what the fuck I hit the button on my pen why isn't the menu popping up" like my Surface Pro 3 does all the time. Default drawing tools on a Surface are also pretty ass and missing many a feature that I would expect. I've been working on the same drawing for like, a year because I can't find a "save as" option and I don't want to have to work off of a rasterized image if I want to change anything in the future.
Worldwide USA is one of the few markets where iOS is dominant
Honestly, I never really considered that.
I'm honestly just disappointed they didn't call it the iPencil.
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