• Google removes "Kodi" from search autocomplete in "anti-piracy" effort
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Google removes ‘Kodi’ from search autocomplete in anti
and now i know what kodi is, thanks google.
I have been using kodi ever since it was still called Xbox Media Center, it's nice.
Now this is just dumb. You know what I use Kodi for? To play my NHL.tv subscription I pay for, because the official web player doesn't work with my setup and apps arent available (or are honestly worse). I don't use piracy plugins, I don't use it for illegal content. I use it for my hockey subscription I pay money for. How about instead of punishing a tool for being extensible, you punish those plugins responsible for the reputation.
I had no idea, I still have a modded original xbox with that on it.
So now you only have some people less that accidentally search that but everybody who knows about it will still find it. The news about this probably negates any benefit this removal has.
It's still terrible, imagine you run a business and google decides to remove you from their autocomplete because of something silly like this, what google is effectively doing is attacking your business.
Woah, harsh - removing it from auto complete. Google's defeating piracy, two seconds of a user being inconvenienced at a time.
Motherfuckers did it because a Kodi-enabled device is light years ahead of a chromecast.
This is like punishing Linux distros because they come with a Torrent client by default. Its kinda dumb and shows that whoever made the decision only know about Kodi through sensationalist news articles.
Whenever someone thinks the government or corporations are run by some sort of cabal of evil billionaires with infinite power, I always think about how none of the mass media corporations are able to touch piracy. I mean, fuck, Google's attempt at "fighting" piracy is to not automatically recommend a service that has sort of ties to piracy? Seems a little weak. Hell, most anti-piracy measures are barely able to even slow it down, much less stop it.
If you can touch type, that's more like a fraction of a second.
honestly, i agree with this decision not because of kodi itself, but because the kodi name (usually in markets that can't afford main market streaming platforms/piracy heavy markets), kodi has become a "brand name" for pirate settop boxes https://www.wired.com/story/kodi-box-piracy/ kodi doesn't aggressively shut down these types of sellers enough to make a market in the brand image being warez
Even in the United States, I've had multiple tech-illiterate adults tell me how great Kodi is because you can watch anything for free. The modified Kodi boxes/sticks that float around seem to be used almost exclusively for enabling old people who don't understand torrents to pirate media.
For a moment I was wondering why they'd remove the name of one of my past cats from autocomplete. Never heard of that program before
Kodi was shit from what someone who isn't me used of it, theres much better alternatives.
plex: same basic concept, doesn't have people selling boxes to easily pirate shit on ebay, doesn't get banned from autocomplete this is a problem inherent in kodi and their poor trademark protection
should've blocked google itself from showing illegal results in the first place
They already try to shut down the sellers, they established a trademark to fight against them just for that because they were damaging their brand name. But they're fighting a uphill battle considering their tarnished reputation from sellers and tabloids. They make most of their revenue from donations and some branded merch since they distribute their software for free for any use. I doubt they could afford a legal team large enough to aggressively take down all sellers, especially in other countries outside the US.
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well honestly, in a non-victim blamey way, they should have thought about that sooner if you're going to make a platform that is either make it easy to pirate, or provide a netflix level interface to already owned pirated content, and it's open source, people will take it, throw in links to some tube sites, and sell it on ebay to make a profit that's just how people work
Well of course this is easy to say in hindsight, but I doubt anyone on the team could easily have predicted this. It got out of control fairly quickly for something that just started out as a open source media center.
My partner swears by his Kodi box. Living in Canada we don't get Hulu, but using his Kodi box he does, so that's pretty sweet. I really just want some way to pay for HBO without paying for Cable in anyway shape or form.
I'd never even heard of Kodi before this, hahaha.
you do realize this is the exact point google is making, right
Well there's no good reason that Canada gets so fucking shafted on TV shows and licensing agreements. It's trademark and money grubbing shit and it just means a market misses out on content. Someone paying for Hulu and using a Kodi box isn't a pirate, they're getting around a really really stupid restriction.
And hopefully it stays this way, most anti-piracy measures (specially DRM) are evil and do nothing to fix the problem.
and shortly after, the European Union’s Court of Justice ruled that selling set-top boxes configured for easy film and TV piracy is illegal. Because heaven forbid the people who make the android boxes that run the software are also guilty, and the people making the components for those circuit boards, and the minors mining the rare metals used in those components in third world countries are also guilty. Are we ever going to come up with copyright laws that don't seem arbirtary and capricious? Our copyright system is just bad and we're working to make it worse every time we touch it.
to be fair those kodi boxes came with built in add-ons that literally opened lists of pirated content, my father had one that still doesn't justify punishing kodi itself
This is pretty ironic considering Google just accepted them into their Summer of Code project.
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