• Lawsuit over LeBron James, NBA stars' tattoos in video games can proceed
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A federal judge on Friday rejected a request by the maker of the popular NBA 2K video game series to dismiss a lawsuit over its depiction in the game of tattoos belonging to LeBron James and other National Basketball Association stars. Solid Oak is seeking damages for the depiction of tattoos belonging to James, Eric Bledsoe and Kenyon Martin, for which it owns copyright registrations. “The judge got it right,” Darren Heitner, a lawyer for Solid Oak, said. “It absolutely would have been premature to rule in the opposite fashion, and we look forward to proceeding with the case.” https://www.reuters.com/article/us-take-two-lawsuit-nba-tattoos/lawsuit-over-lebron-james-nba-stars-tattoos-in-video-games-can-proceed-idUSKBN1H61MZ Don't click the article, it contains pictures of LeBron and therefore the tattoos. Reading this news is copyright infringement and i'm already in jail for posting this
Thing is with NBA 2K is that modders will just put them back in anyways on PC. There's already mods for just about everything else such as realistic court logos (Madison Square Garden isn't licensed for example), or realistic TV graphics.
This isn't the first time they've put copyrighted material in NBA 2K, just last December they had to remove shirts from NBA 2K18 because the designs were copyrighted and they were selling them on their storefront, also removing them from player's inventories and not refunding them what they paid for them. Take-Two is such a shitty company, they deserve anything they get.
Getting this sort of stuff through mods is totally different from getting this stuff directly from the developer/publisher, I assume that's obvious. It is up to "Solid Oak" to go after these modders, but modders aren't making money off of other people's brands and are going to present much less of a threat to the brand, as well as not having the income to dish out a lucrative settlement.
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