• Obscurus Lupa of Channel Awesome Accuses Nostalgia Critic of Sexual Harassment
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https://twitter.com/mbkerr1014/status/987831328900091905 https://twitter.com/AprilVonLon/status/987837140410290176 Pretty sure it's just about the twitter account being reinstated, nothing to do with CA.
Spoony's subreddit is just filled with bummer people seriously screaming their entitlement at a dude while he's down. It's like watching GRRM fans kick a paraplegic toddler. I totally get being bummed that "nothing's happening" and "he's just gonna make empty promises and do nothing" but at this point, why the fuck are these people so negatively invested in it anyway? I swear these people have bigger problems than the people they hate on. It's not even that i want to defend spoony's passivity, but holy fuck at what point do these losers plan on letting go? Not even that, they just have to realize their shitty fucking attitude isn't helping anything. Not him, not them and it's just pissing me off to watch people dedicate so much time to being assholes.
the positive thing to do is lurk on obscure subreddits looking to get pissed at random people?
Maybe you should take less time out of your day to browse obscure boards if you wanted to see less people complaining about a washed up content creator.
I personally would love to see Spoony turn himself around, but also address the Patreon situation. It does no-one any good to wish ill on others who have no capacity for remorse and Spoony is neither dumb nor heartless.
does this doug person ever brush his teeth
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