• Full List of Differences Between Dark Souls and DS:R
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$40 for DS3 matchmaking in the original dark souls is starting to seem less and less worth it as time goes on.
Healing items will not be available during PvP with the exception of Estus Flasks. To prevent long and drawn out battles, the number of Estus Flasks is halved for phantoms. Players can select the number of usable items, such as consumable souls or covenant items, to use instead of one at a time as in the original game. Covenants can be switched at Bonfires. Button configuration is available. Some very welcome changes. Would've been nice if they let you travel to any bonfire with the Lord Vessel, but hey.
Covenants can be switched at Bonfires. uggghhhhh so they're making covenants fucking patches you temporarily wear around like in Dark Souls 2/3
Which was always the case, now it's just more convenient. I don't see why that's an issue. I sincerely doubt they're removing the leaver penalties.
there are people who haven't played the game before, you know
I'd argue that the whole reason why covenants felt more permanent in Dark Souls 1 was not only because of the sin penalty, but also because you actually had to trek out and seek the covenant leaders to join/rejoin their covenant. This was especially the case pre-lordvessel, when you couldn't just zip around everywhere with bonfire teleports.
At the very least all three games are now available on 8th Gen consoles, and now it's playable at 60fps for them. That's something.
The footage looks like such shit because they changed loads of little details to utterly no gain.
60FPS without everything being fucked + putting the game on current platforms so you don't need to dig out an older console (or even sit at home, if you've got a Switch) aren't really QOL changes.
how incredibly underwhelming
Correct me if I'm wrong, but they really didn't do that much in terms of visuals for Scholar of the First Sin either, so I really wasn't expecting too much.
This thing about 60FPS being fucked with DSFix is severely overblown. I have 178 hours in the game, all played with DSfix running at 60FPS, and I literally never came across any issues - in fact, I didn't even know there was supposed to be any issues, I heard about it way later.
but sotfs also gave a new look at DS2 with the new enemy placements and shiz
True, but either they announced they weren't touching enemy placements or I expected it so I guess I'm just not that surprised.
The issues largely relate to a few ladders in the game that aren't super consistent anyway. I can almost guaranteed fall through the world if I slide down the small ladder just past the Drake bridge underpass area with the rats. But on super rare occasions I've managed to slip through other ladders too if I recall. It's easy to solve: don't slide all the way down a ladder.
It’s one ladder and two jumps that are affected by DSFix. That’s it. The problems are super overblown
Funnily enough I was watching my friend stream the game on Twitch and the way I figured out he was playing at 60FPS was because he had to keep restarting because he couldn't stand up from bonfires. I don't think they ever fixed double durability loss or character rolling distance, either.
Oh yeah the bonfire thing has gotten me a few times. It's kinda annoying but only seems to happen if I mash the back button when I'm just wanting to sit for some estus. DSFix brings a lot more to the table than the bugs take away. But a native 60 FPS version of the game would be a lot more preferable. Shame owners of the original aren't getting any discounts or anything considering how minor the remaster is.
Yeah, I'll be buying the Switch version at whatever price it is when I finally have enough for a Switch, but the PC version I can wait for a price drop on.
Durability loss and roll distance were DS2 issues. They did fix the durability loss in SotFS. As for DS1 you can avoid the bonfire lockup by waiting for the screen to clear.
I think people are doubting how great little things like password match making are for DaS1. Not having to install 3rd party patches and use 3rd party tools to encourage the game to join specific sessions so that you could play with friends is amazing. There was a whole week or so where the tools broke and I couldn't co-op with my friends. DSFix does alleviate a lot of issues, but it's no match for a proper fix (ala the remaster). I unfortunately had a lot of issues crashing with it, and just learned to cope with the 720p 30fps misery that is the unpatched original. Also thank fuck they addressed the twink weapon issue. Hilarious the first time, not so much the fifth time.
Players can now prevent matched Red Phantoms from seeing their “White Sign Soapstone” sign What does this mean??
Button configuration is available. does that mean it will be playable on kb+m? Otherwise - beside 1 or 2 buttons - don't see the point.
Durability yes but roll distance was not. DSFix 1.8 | metaclassofnilblog
Was hoping they would do more with it, but I'll still be buying it for my switch, and probably for pc too eventually, it will be great for pvp without everyone using a save editor. Will actually give me a good reason to play it again.
i cant see them releasing dragonbutt lavafield in HD with a straight face, changes or not this looks like an update patch rather than a new game lol
That's because it's not a new game.
just saying its a wasted opportunity. they're back doing work on the game, they got the money and time but they'll be lazy anyway because they know people'll buy it. "HD Remastered" but it looks just as butt as the 1st one lol
From isn't working on DSR to my knowledge, just overseeing it while they work on that one game that was teased a while ago
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