• New York police shoot black man holding pipe after reports he had firearm
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Why the hell was someone brandishing a pipe as if it were a gun and why are people surprised/outraged by the end result of him getting shot by the police?
Because he was black, and in this decade it's racist to shoot black people regardless of the situation.
Maybe such attitudes wouldn't exist if the black community wasn't constantly shat on for centuries in America by the government, but let's act like they have no reason to be resentful and suspicious about government agencies.
Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but in the context of this thread it sounds an awful lot like you're justifying the idea that any action against black people is always racist.
Nope, the guy in the OP's article acted dumb and the cops likely got the wrong impression but the post I quoted pretty much brushes off the issues and frames it as if it's simply lefty bollocks that the black community gets treated like shit in America, I've never seen people act like black people can't commit murder or act stupid with the police, it's mostly always complaints about how the police and the justice system sometimes has a proven prejudice when dealing with black people and that creates the attitude we have now, where people assume the worst.
There's a difference between "being suspicious" and "denying all hard evidence in favor of a view that agrees with preconceived notions," and we're seeing a whole lot of the latter. The fact that Michael Brown is still a rallying cry for that whole movement makes that clear.
I'm not under any illusion that you have certain groups switching facts around to fit their agenda but to act like it's one uniform movement is wrong. groups like the BLM have no central leadership and pretty much anyone can pick up it's flag and do whatever they want, that includes "denying all hard evidence". Talking about switching facts to suit one's agenda, how about the fact the war on drugs has been proven to be a complete failure and hurts minority groups? Or how the TERRIBLE education available to many black communities is simply utter shit? Or how despite making up less than 15% of the total population make up over half of the the prison population? Whenever you brought up stuff like that, the other side either ignores it or says its still mostly the black culture causing all the problems. I sympathize greatly with police officers in the states, as far as I'm concerned they have the toughest job out of all the other police forces in the western world and likely never know if the people they approach could simply gun the down. They have very little chance to act if it comes down to the thought they could be dealing with someone who's armed and the guy in the OP played with fire and got shot. The average police officer is almost certainly going to be someone who's a good human being and not at all shitty, it's not their fault for the system they have. But how can I also not see how badly fucked the poor black community has it? They've had presidents like Nixon design policies just to hurt them. They've seen generation after generation get dealt with shit. They likely don't know any better because of how shit their schools are. They have been hurting for years and their social mobility is almost non existent. The problem is complicated as shit, to boil down all issues to either "all cops are evil" or "you can't do anything against black people without being called racist" isn't helping and just pushes people away from wanting to talk about it. I'll admit, my post was probably a little shit but the post just rubbed me the wrong way.
Looking at that surveillance photos like and I can see how someone would mistake that for a gun.
Yes, they should play the part that America treats them, that is right. And retarded. If someone is thinking you can't do anything or you're not a good person, that doesn't mean you should act like that, you're just proving them right.
there is definitely a arbitrarily higher standard for how black people should act than white people. Tamir Rice and Eric Garner come to mind. everyone should take each instance on a case by case basis but the general picture of black communities and police isn't very nice.
Yeah even if I zoom in it's hard to tell if it's a real gun or not, even if it's a small pipe it could still be a zip gun, and the way he was pointing it at people that's exactly what I would assume if I was an officer on the scene
You're reading it wrong. How could you possibly get that idea from his post? All he said was the black community has valid reasons to distrust the police and even a cursory look at history shows that blacks, other minorities, and yes, even poor white people are more likely to be institutionally preyed upon by the justice system. You can point to individual cases like this or Mike Brown as justified shootings, but that does not change the fact that there is a [i]systemic[/i] problem with police in America and nothing is being done about it.
Holy shit is that actually the photo? It even looks like it has a pistol grip.
I can see why it was mistaken for a gun. It honestly looks like one in the heat of the moment
While I do agree with all of this I think this guy in particular should have known better
Regardless of what you think, this is really open and shut. That screenshot is clear as day, it resembles a gun.
Yeah that looks like a gun clear as day. no blurry footage or still frame in the dark to rely on here. Cut and dry.
Smoking kills.
Here's the problem with that analysis: We're not talking about the minority BLM members out there who don't care about the evidence. It's the common strand throughout the vast majority of the movement. Whether it's a justified shooting or not doesn't even come into play half the time. They'll be out there protesting either way. I really am all for fixing the problems that exist, but it's is actually impossible to do so if we aren't willing to be honest about the facts.
Article has a video of the situation NYPD video shows moments before cops fatally shoot bipolar man I def don't feel sorry for the dude now, he was intentionally pointing this thing at people acting like it's a gun
"bipolar" "def don't feel sorry for the dude" This may not necessarily be worthy of huge outrage but it's still a tragedy.
Zip guns are a thing so even if it's "just a pipe" it can still go bang and send some nasty shit your way.
oh if he was bipolar that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish get your healthcare together america
You can't just magically get rid of bipolar disorder and we don't know what treatment he was or wasn't getting. This might have been averted in another country where guns aren't so prevalent and cops don't have to be jumpy on the trigger, but eh.
If the system allowed this to happen, then it's not good enough
Yeah we tried taking people's freedom away and locking them in wards a long time ago It was very unethical.
...and? That's all you have?
Should I not have taken your post as earnest then?
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