• Man "team-killed and virtually teabagged" female journalist in a game.
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man i wish i could make a case and get a shitload of publicity for getting angry at someone in a video game. if i could cause this much shit for something as simple as teabagging i'd have been super famous within the last like 10 years online. really wonder what path in life you have to take where getting teabagged in a game is your biggest issue.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/228931/2d830797-eadb-4076-b07b-fe1087536fac/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/228931/24f0cf7b-9981-4129-aa5e-b19b6cd0e393/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/228931/7879be7b-dea7-41d6-9f7f-81587b4dc07b/image.png https://twitter.com/WormholeWars/status/983446252527472641 Well this is interesting. It appears not only to be bizarre, censorious and pernicious bullshit, but an outright fucking lie as well.
https://youtu.be/LW8v5K2VRUs Is this the video that's being talked about? Teabagging happens around 6:40 and 7:32 by a player called Meme Lord.
Ohoho, that's a fun mechanic. You can only see through your own portals, but you can walk through any of them?
Hey, thats a cool game, I might be inclined to play that game now. Which makes me wonder, between this and cuphead, what if gaming journalists are just actors paid off by indie devs to promote their games by causing controversies around them
Damn that looks crazy fun! I'm definitely gonna pick this up when it comes out.
I've been having virtual nuts stuffed in my virtual mouth since the days of Halo 2, it built character. Fucking kids these days
Imagine if it had movement and weapon mechanics from something like Quake III instead of Halo style trundling though. That'd be killer.
pretty fucking much when i used to play online the guy leaving your dead body to be a dead body was like the least they'd do man if you were absolutely destroyed and they left you there to be dead, that's a missed opportunity on his end
Is there anyone that actually does tbagging with the intention of "virtual raping"? I mean, jesus, I've tbagged shittalkers on cs:go and cs:s multiple fucking times before I even knew why was it called that way. I always saw it as the equivalent of "git gud" in Dark Souls.
To be fair, teabagging is a serious issue in gaming, and while you shouldn't actively disencourage players from teabagging each other, you should definitely encourage them to use alternatives. If you see players teabag each other in your game during playtesting, it can only mean one thing: Pissing each other in the game is fun. Taunting can therefore be an important part of the game. So what can you do about it? Well, why not design an actual taunt system? There's a reason TF2 did it. A properly animated teabag looks so much more professional than merely crouching up and down.
No it isn't. Get over it.
What? I was joking how it's bad in terms of a missed opportunity from a game design perspective. It was supposed to lighten the mood, not the opposite.
I honestly didn't make it to the end of your post after reading the first 3/4 of it
tea bag ducks are features in game
that doesn't really stop people in tf2 from teabagging though
That wasn't the final point, the point is that taunts, when done correctly, adds another layer of enjoyment. Take Unreal Tournament and Fortnite for example. Players teabagging in the game probably means that gestures are appropriate in said game. The first half of my post is basically satire, but people seem to not get it, which I find pretty funny. People are so quick to be hostile here.
nah i agree, it's just that at the moment the game is still currently still in dev and it doesn't look super polished at the moment so i'm assuming they still have a ways to go before worrying about taunts also your post doesn't at all come off as satire, which is probably why people are reading it that way. intention doesn't translate well over text
"Joke's on you, I was only PRETENDING to be retarded!" If people get salty or legit upset because they get teabagged then they really need to step back and think about how they're getting mad because a player is just crouching above their corpse be a few times, in a game. Of all the things to get mad about that really takes the cake on stupidity. Then again I haven't done that to people since I was a child playing Halo 2 so maybe both the people doing it and the people getting salty about it need to grow up.
thats literally not what his post was about
If you actually look at the tweet they're replying to , it's nothing to do with the original tweeters, and as I previously mentioned from some rando that mentioned it for some reason. https://twitter.com/SteveTheLich/status/983435015265677312 Original poster actually said they're against naming the dev https://twitter.com/Futterish/status/982723706425430019 Once again, seems that any actual criticism or actual debate has been lost in trying to attack the original people, and is only going to cause another situation where it's made worse by throwing out baseless accusations of them lying, etc. Just gives the people that write articles about this more material to work with.
So far I'll put all the blame on the guy behind the 2 Metro articles, He really makes this dumb Teabagging thing seem like a fucking VIRTUAL SEXUAL ASSAULT! and with words like Slaughtered or SHOCKING, seems clear this guy is just here to cause outrage. Hell, he did an explanation on what real Teabagging is twice, one on the first article and another one on the follow, and calls the story of the journo getting teabagged a HEARTBREAKING STORY on the second article just to add to the fire. It also shows a slow-mo gif of a teabagging on halo. He also did a vote poll on both yesterday's and todays article and thankfully, the people are buying none of it (the whole thing that Teabagging can be considered Simulated Sexual Assault) here's the 2 vote polls so far: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218043/cd037464-59e8-4683-af3a-c3f1c88292e9/just a silly joke.PNG https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218043/424909b9-0aae-4777-895b-d0ab598d3bf6/image.png Another thing and I'll be blunt her, The Journo (Amanda Farough) just needs to grow up a pair, like seriously, the thought of someone being Horrified for seeing a player crouching down and up on her in game corpse I find just funny. About the whole Wormhole Wars controversy, yeah it was a rando just randomly putting this game onto this whole mess. However this whole mess could have been fixed if this was explained .better rather than leave it vague Also https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218043/b59fd76b-d7f2-4956-b5ee-d5e6faefcbdd/wewew.PNG I don't know about you and maybe im being dramatic but this almost seems like a vague threat, not that I would find it scary tbh :P On a more positive note thought, Wormhole Wars has been getting a lot of support for this game thanks to this misunderstanding. And hey the game does look freaking cool tbh: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218043/bd9b5d48-b7f2-4265-b735-6a6892de6f13/positive stuff is always good.PNG https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218043/5d1c4e8d-689f-4848-9710-59fd626d6d95/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218043/fbfeb419-a2de-47e1-954a-d50e5c527b0f/lol.PNG I guess This was a Happy Accident after all (Insert Bob Ross's speech here). But damn, February 2019 is the planned date of release, its gonna take a long while, hopefully for all the polish and improvements And yeah if you wanna try the game yourself check out their discord linked on their twitter account
Oh right you are. My mistake. Though that means some poor faceless sod most likely actually does have his future in danger over this still
This is ridiculous and this lame ass excuse for a "journalist" needs to immediately fuck off. I mean christ, it looks like its going to backfire on them which is good but this could have had the real possibility of screwing up someones career. Someones livelihood had the potential of being permanently injured from some shit people have been doing for like 20 years to everybody in every game ever that is completely unimportant that some rando decided to turn into a hit piece. Why is this even remotely acceptable behavior.
holy shit was that a mistake Wow, really? Are you for real? grow a spine and pray someone doesn't tells you to go fuck yourself with a rake in real life, or you'll probably vibrate into oblivion
More like it's happened to every gaming journalist but it's news this time because she happens to be female Right?
I got molested within 5 minutes after first trying VR chat. I'm sure everyone did and no one cares. If something "hurts", it's the toxic communities in gaming. I've felt way worse reading Rocket League text chat than being in VR chat or Halo 3 back in the day. If shit obviously comes from hate, it's bad. When it's all just fucking around, that's all it is. Shame that people can't tell the difference anymore. I used to get bullied a lot in school when I was a kid, but now later on with friends we tease eachother all the time about our fuckups and such. It sounds the same, but there is a massive difference.
Look, I get the hostile environment that facepunch just seems to have. People misconstrue each other left and right and get mad right away instead of trying to calmly further the discussion. I didn't expect my post to have that sort of effect at all, but you see how it's a problem that you can't even finish a short post on account of being so agitated from the first half of it, don't you? Something's definitely wrong with this. How can people have rational arguments when they don't even listen to each other's arguments? I genuinely don't understand where you got that from. I'd normally agree with you, but that's why I added the last sentence in my post (not edited in, was an original part of my post - my edit was fixing "Pissing each other" to "Pissing each other off") To say that you think I'm actually offended by teabagging is to admit that you didn't read or greatly misunderstood that last sentence, which is basically saying that teabagging by crouching in game isn't even teabagging enough. I don't know what else to say at this point.
what the fuck is wrong with this planet
It's unsurprising but still hilarious that people actually get mad over these kind of crap
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