• 4Channer blackmails people to sending nudes of themselves on Hormone therapy
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Lmao what?
"transsexual" isn't an accepted term for transgender people anymore. Just a friendly heads-up, that's all
Oh you're one of those people
You are so wrong its not even funny lmao
People unironically find the word trap offensive now? It's not even used as a slur ever
What do you mean by this?
A snowflake probably.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transsexual?wprov=sfla1 What?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transsexual#Relationship_of_transsexual_to_transgender The term has fallen out of favor. It used to have a meaning relating to sexual reassignment surgery but these days 'transgender' refers to everybody. Usage of the word 'transsexual' is fairly outdated by this point and some even consider it offensive. The only times I've ever heard it from the trans community are from older members. Hell, I checked the wiki talk page, and there was even, for a time, a serious attempt by a lot of editors to merge the 'Transsexual' article with 'Transgender' to minimize confusion. It didn't end up happening, but I thought it worthy of note.
ICD-10 still uses the terminology of Transsexual, so you're just completely wrong, and it's also used in things such as SRS being covered by insurance, etc.
This thread is literally the first time I've ever seen anyone show any other meaning to the word than that.
The trans community is absolutely not in uniform agreement about this at all, what are you talking about
that was poor word choice, I strikethroughed it for a reason
The issue here, and why the trans community is involved is that, whatever is going on if it is(still not entirely sure), we're dragging in things like HRT and such. People are using hormone replacement for something that shouldn't even be involved and thus it drags the term under the water if it wasn't already with the loaded question meme question of "is it gay to like traps?"
The videos are down. Did the whole thing turn out to be a bunch of 4chan misinformation?
yeah maybe, I was just trying to repeat what I've heard in the past, my b
Called it. There was literally 0 proof that any of this was real.
Probably not, I am curious about the video tho.
What does Identify as a trap mean? Does it mean you want to pass as a woman like crossdressing or something, but you identify as a man?
I don't identify as a man or woman specifically just more inbetweenish. Kinda just some femme nonbinary femboy/trap/dickgirl/etc
Yeah like the word "trap" should have never been changed to mean anything other than a device to ensare. lol shut up
This is such a bad way to go about communicating literally anything
All I'm gonna say.... If a trans person finds it a slur or bad, then just stop saying it or doing it Trans people are already getting alot of shit, especially considering that alot of folks using this "trap" meme, are alt-right people or assholes who are "critical" to trans people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br-Gh4B7d8A
Surprise surprise, crazy story from 4chan turns out to be fake, who would've thought
What kind of logic is this exactly? "If a trans person finds it bad, you should stop saying it"? Is everything a trans person says validated by the fact that they're trans?
I'm not sure if it was the intent, but that post could be understood as just a general "if someone finds it bad then don't say it around them" not "a single trans person can decree if a word can never be said"; the former is general decency, the latter is eh
Not to butt into a conversation, but aren't we hilariously off topic here? Thread isn't about the "ethical" use of the trap or other things to denote CDers or trans people. I wanna know if Reiko and his discord actually did all of this. Because one of those recent video said this is just a massive troll,etc,etc,etc.
It seems that /pol/'s (though /pol/ is basically 4chan itself now) crusade worked - not a single trap thread on /r9k/
From what I've seen, most trans just love finding more and more things to get offended by. It's honestly ridiculous.
Language should not be held to the beck and call of every single individual who has a problem with something. For well established obvious slurs like "tranny", then absolutely. Don't use them. But for "trap", something used almost exclusively online and practically never as a slur (I mean, hell, I've never seen it itself used as a slur, it's more of a descriptor, specifically for porn) doesn't need to be avoided just because someone told you not to use it.
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