• 4 in 10 millennials don't know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust (study)
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tbh I actually thought it was more than 6 million. Like at least twice as many
I think 6-8 million were the number of jews killed. something like 11 million total if you count homosexuals, gypsies, political prisoners, polish intellectuals etc.
That's America for you.
~6m jews, ~11m(?) in total
Unless you have the memory of a goldfish I'm not sure how this is even possible? In Sweden we thoroughly go through the events of WW2 and I would imagine that a country like the US which was directly involved would do so as well.
I certainly did. It might just be kids aren't seeing how important knowing about the holocaust is, and end up misremembering. It would be nice if we had historical data to see if this is a trend.
Title kinda makes it sound worse than it is, but it's still pretty bad. The more significant (and to be honest, more concerning) fact is that more than one fifth isn't aware of the Holocaust at all. Personally I find that more important than knowing whether 2 or 6 millions Jews died in it, but yeah. I had a chuckle at the name of the organization who commissioned the study, though: The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Live in Australia, and the only reason I know of this is because I took an elective History class and because the events of WW2 are of a personal interest to me. Not too sure, but I imagine not a lot of nations care much about the events of WW2 outside of what directly effected their own nation. The most I ever learnt about it outside of classes I had to elect to be a part of was the bombings of Darwin by the Japanese and the Kokoda Trail.
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0048434/ Should be compulsory class material.
Not sure what would be worse at this point: if they straight-up don't know, or if they don't/never cared.
Probably from the US education system. From what I've gathered from my co-workers here your education system largely spends its time giving the US the ol' dick suck about how they "won the war for everyone" and shit and the holocaust was largely glossed over in favour of more US dick sucking. They also often mention just watching Schindlers List for the holocaust part. One girl I talked to thought forest gump was a real person.
Honestly I probably wouldn't have gotten the right answer too. I was only taught about WW2 in grade 10 (~5 years ago now) towards the end of the semester and it was rushed because we were running out of time, the rest of my knowledge is from my own readings and watching documentaries. If I really wanted to I could just google "WW2 jew death count" and then I'd be informed in a matter of seconds (which I am now), so I don't see it as such a big deal for not knowing the numbers.
Where did they survey these people, rural Alabama?
This is exactly how it went in our high school history class. We didn't cover the battles over Britain, Stalingrad, Dunkirk, Berlin, etc. etc. Barely a mention of any European or Russian military events, almost everything was focused on America's actions in the Western Front and the Pacific. The holocaust was "covered" by playing The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and that was it.
That's a myth. There are areas in the US where history is complete garbage, mostly Texas and the south, there are areas where it isn't as well, mainly the west coast and the Northeast.
i don't see why it matters if people know how many people died in the holocaust, it's honestly just a number and whether it's 2 or 6 million is just small factoid knowledge, what worries me is that 1/5 don't even know what the holocaust is
Honestly this seems a little incredulous to me. Looking at the study they surveyed over 1350 people that are supposedly representative of the population but don't mention where they sampled them from (big difference in education from places like New England, where in my school we were actually shown pictures of piles of dead bodies, the trains, the gas Chambers, watched movies about it, etc. and other areas of the country with worse education). 4 in 10 millennials think 2 million or fewer Jews were killed, which is incorrect but still shows that they know a huge amount of Jewish people were killed so it's not total ignorance rather not knowing the correct number. With how our media and entertainment have tons of examples of war movies that either deal with or mention the Holocaust, how many war games there are, etc. I would think plenty of people know about the Holocaust, but I guess that could be wishful thinking. Also 11% of adults are unaware of the Holocaust apparently.
And yet we knowingly let the genocide against the yemen people by saudi Arabia continue. Redirect Notice Redirect Notice
Strange focus like that isn't specific to the US. Ever since Year 7, history that involves Britain always seems watered down, at least in my high school and college. An example is that about four years ago, our history class were taught about the specifics of slavery and our curriculum decided to lightly mention Britain before quickly piling all the blame on the US. The only time I've been taught realistically about British History is when there's nowhere else to assign the blame; can't blame anyone else for the Civil War etc. Whereas the US stereotypically teaches about its successes, all my experiences indicate that Britain loves to forget its failures.
If you don't know the magnitude for information like this then it's going to affect how you process and interpret other relevant pieces of information, news, events and the like; it's a small difference going from "a lot died" to "6 million died" so the effect isn't going to be as much, but it'll still have a subtle effect on how you perceive things if you're not fully aware of context. So it's not really a big deal if you already have a grasp of the magnitude, but it's something worth addressing.
I'm still amazed at the odds of it being exactly 6 million.
It's a bit odd, but I don't think this is as unusual as if it had been somewhere in Europe. If Europeans didn't know about the holocaust then I think you'd be asking questions.
I can fully grasp the magnitude of death tolls, most notable about how many Russians died in WW2. That's a good point that you make regardless. I guess what I'm getting at is that -imo- it doesn't matter if you know specific statistics for which group of people died unless you're a history teacher or something, but understanding the magnitude of said deaths should carry weight along with it as you said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwKPFT-RioU
like he said, there's the hard number of how many were killed by extermination then the soft number of how many were killed by all sides for the purpose of extermination throughout the entire war, like the USSR was quite engaged in their own ethnic and demographic cleanses throughout the entire conflict as were other fascist countries. plus the sad state of the US system is in this case because parents want to shelter their kids too much, you had to have a permission slip when I was in school to watch a fictionalized movie of the events, the films from the camps never even came up
dont know or dont believe?
I have had only two good history teachers. One taught general American history, and we went through nearly every decade (didn't have time to do the latest ones) and really went into the societal impacts of all of it. The other was a college professor who taught us about the Vietnam War. I can't overstate how important that class was to me. Of all the wars American education teaches, the Vietnam War, and honestly just the more recent ones, should be focused on. I was so sick of learning about the Revolutionary War every single goddamn year. Every. Single. Year. Less American dick-sucking and more actual history, please. And as a sidenote, did anyone else think the social studies parts of standardized tests were a fucking joke? History isn't part of standardized tests. Instead, you get a "Reading Comprehension v2" where it's literally just "read this part and then answer questions about what you read."
I mean, yeah, I don't remember numbers irrelevant to me well, so if you asked me, I couldn't tell you. If you asked for a guess though I'd probably go ~10 mil
Why isn't this kind of stuff taught in schools? Why am I asking this? WHY
i dont know, i think people should probably know about these atrocities, but in this climate, the moment someone starts teaching this people will get super triggered, even though its just the truth.
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