• Halo Online Mod Eldewrito releasing 0.6 update
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https://www.pcgamer.com/eldewrito-the-mod-that-brings-halo-online-to-life-has-a-new-version-coming-this-week/?utm_content=buffer76b4e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw https://youtu.be/stf0XDmCAz4
Looks great!
Hopefully this brings more people to Halo Online, it could end up being as big as Halo Custom Edition was 10 years ago, the only thing it was really missing was a server browser. Going to be a great revival of Halo on PC.
fuck eldewrito killed the classic halo modding community ban deelekgolo
jokes aside, 343 hired the guy behind OpenSauce to work on the Halo 1 engine for Master Chief Collection's revamp
This doesn't have the Halo 3 campaign, right? That's what I really want.
instead of MS printing money with a halo 3 pc release, they're making 0 dollars and 0 cents all while devaluing their property thanks to their terrible handling of huge community demand. congrats yall.
Holy crap this looks awesome. I remember feeling super special in the early days being in the credits for this for making all the tutorial videos on how to get it working correctly. Good stuff. Can't wait to play this.
I forget, has MS tried to shut this down yet? I'd be surprised if they haven't
I believe they said as long as they didn't charge for anything they were fine.
Putting the eldorado.exe on GitHub once prompted Microsoft to send a cease-and-desist, but that's it. Removing the exe was all that was required. I think it's kind of hard to send a cease-and-desist when it's only modification of a cancelled game in an alpha-state. If it was something commercially sold, there would be more issues.
Well color me surprised lol.
Just played several hours on the current build. Damn it is an unpolished mess, but it brought me way back.
If I recall correctly, custom maps made using a 3d program still aren't possible, which is a shame. But the new changes to the in-game editor look nice. Still no HD hugeass or coldsnap though... ;_; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hJEjhPSrYQ
Gonna basically repost what I said in the Videos thread. I hope you all enjoy this update. We've worked really hard on it over these past two years. It's our tribute to what a lot of us think is the best Halo game, Halo 3. While it is not a perfect recreation (some elements of Halo Online still exist, and the Forge is actually better than what a legit Halo 3 PC port would've had and is closer to something like Halo 5's) we still hope it will help fill the hole that Microsoft has left open all these years. Also, here is my favorite new feature, player size. We've added a new trait to the game which scales your player to certain percentages (1% to 300% I think, might be wrong about those numbers). By "trait", I mean it can be used in the same ways as any player setting. You can do things like have a King of the Hill game where everyone in the Hill is 300% size, or an infection game where the alpha zombie is 10% in size. Everything from the collision/physics model to shield effects are all scaled, so it feels just like a Halo 3 feature that was already there to begin with and not something we added. Here's a quick video showing it off (this is a bit old, so any bugs you see here have likely been fixed, but notice how the big player can easily knock over heavy physics objects and destroy warthogs by jumping on them): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqdRLvCqv3A
Whoa, that player scale thing looks fun as hell.
Imagine a game mode when a dozen little zombies are nibbling away at your shins with swords
God I miss Halo 3...
I'm imagining a proper Labyrinth style gamemode where humans have to run away from a giant minotaur-sized player.
So basically fat kid but said kid is actually fucking yuge? I'm down.
This is awesome. I had a lot of fun playing all the custom halo CE maps like coldsnap back in the day and if theres any chance i could get some classic halo action on PC again im in.
Does the Halo 3 armor come with the update by default? Or did we still have to mod it back in?
There’s still one single coldsnap server out there that shit’s the best thing to come out of custom edition ever
I'm thinking of calling it Large Marge
Whoa, which one?
WHAT was it coldsnap or bigass
It wasn't stated which. It's not even an official goal, but they described the work as exciting of what may be done in the future.
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