• Blogger doing bikini photo shoot in LV hotel claims she was told to cover up
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I'm all for body positivity and tearing down beauty standards and all that but I feel like there's a threshold of attractive fatness that this woman crossed many many pounds ago, I mean someone think of the poor photographer that had to pull focus on her stretch marks every day, they're the real victim here.
It's not even just ugly. It's like looking at the borderline state of dying.
1: so? 2: so? 3: maybe people wouldn’t feel compelled to make statements like she does if most people’s first reactions to fat people weren’t making stupid jabba the hutt and other jokes that honestly just constitute bullying thinly guised as “caring”. 4: maybe other people should mind their business. If the hotel diesn’t mind if other people wear bikinis, they are selectively enforcing their policies. It’s fat, not dirt and grime (lmao at trying to compare this homeless people).
They are minding their own business, that's why they told her what to do on their business's property.
Vast majority = your customer base Not being in the norm = not appealing to the vast majority of your customers I think it's natural for normal sized people to react the way people do to things that aren't normal or healthy and you'll never change that. Yea lets tell the customers that are complaining to mind their own business. Yea, it's a double standard(but not really because she's enormous). Those exist in the real world. You won't change those with hashtags.
Who knows, maybe "Wear some more clothes if you're making the other customers retch" is one of the hotel's policies.
Making fun of fat people who are not happy about their state and/or are trying to do something to solve it should not be made fun of. On the flip side, I see no issue in ragging on deathly obese people who brought their weight upon themselves who celebrate their critical organs being crushed and wheezing every time they go up a small flight of stairs as a symbol of "beauty" and/or "health" and something to be accepted. smexyxey is right, enough of that and people will start normalizing being obese and, the already number one killer of humans in the entire world, heart disease, will skyrocket. Imagine if people ran around celebrating smoking cigarettes as something healthy and beautiful. There'd be an outrage. Unhealthy, dangerous habits like these should not be paraded as anything but a symbol of death and disease.
Why do plusplus-size models wanna be models anyway? Aren't there six trillion other professions and passions you could be investing yourselves in? I mean I'd love to be a world-famous leading actor but I know I'm too fat and autistic for it so I just fucking move on. Modeling is a profession specifically for showcasing ideal human bodies, why anyone ever claimed it to be a "standard" boggles my mind. You can of course be fat and beautiful but do you really need the extra validation of being a world-famous bikini model on top of that? Like if you can't have that are you really suffering? It would be like a man with no tastebuds trying to become a celebrity food critic and then getting outraged when people question him.
I'm always a little put off by how gleeful people are to insult really fat people since it's clearly pushing past being concerned about health, but oof - that's some serious health issues there, both physical and mental, and the context of trying to normalise this as mere body positivity is pretty feckin' harmful.
Good lord that isn't even obese, thats "forget levels of fat and call a fucking doctor already" Don't these people see how fucked their bodies are?!
This isn't even an issue of beauty anymore, its an issue of health. You can be overweight and healthy which deserves more promotion and acceptance, but that's an obesity problem where you're scooter bound by 40 and dead by 55 from heart failure.
So she's being told to cover up... Because she's unhealthy?
I'm not sure I agree with the decision to gender swap Fat Bastard in Austin Powers 4.
I bet if you come in with injection holes all over your arms from heroin and are modeling for your #heroinpositivity movement then they'd kick you out or tell you to cover up too. Businesses dont need to let you walk around their property.
That's also an illegal and far more immediately harmful behavior. This is discriminatory based on looks
Too bad? Like stop eating so much and maybe people might take you seriously?
Well that's still a fucked up reason to discriminate this way. It's cruel and shameful
I mean that's all this is, she wants to be able to eat all the animal products she wants with absolutely no repercussions. Society needs to protect itself from this bullshit
And yet others can, it's shameful and mean. Just so that some insecure idiots don't feel "grossed out" seeing her
Wait, so I was wondering why you were suddenly okay with making fun of this woman while you were previously arguing that people need to be more understanding about other people's circumstances, your reasoning is that it's okay because she eats animal products? Fucking lmfao
This is a private business though, I do understand her circumstances but i sure as fuck dont justify her spreading her harmful bullshit, just as i didnt support amnesty for criminals
I wouldn't be grossed out by her appearance so much as grossed out by anyone, and I mean ANYONE, pushing for such a dangerous level of overweight to be acceptable. Even if it was some perfectly fit woman doing it for some reason, I would be disgusted beyond words over the concept. I'd tell her ass to cover up, too. Go home. Preach your hurtful garbage that'll make morbidly obese people die before they reach 45 because it's "beautiful" somewhere else that's not in my fucking place of business. I do not want easily preventable death being celebrated associated with my business.
It's not really about animal products, though the propensity to eat them and support them is a massive cause in obesity
No, I fully support kicking her out as well, it's their right. I just thought it was weird that you, after doggedly defending people being a product of circumstance , were suddenly ripping into somebody.
Why does her hypothetical right to subjectively feel good about herself grant her a license to override a private business's right to enforce standards of behavior on it's own premises. She doesn't have an immutable right to be there on private property, she doesn't have an immutable right to walk around in a bikini, she doesn't have an immutable right to reject other's objections to her doing so, she doesn't have an immutable right to feel good about herself at the cost of the sensibilities of those surrounding her and so on. People can only go on private property under an unspoken contract with the owners/operators and the public around them, in so far as they don't breach normal standards for acceptable behavior. And if they breach that so egregiously as that the overwhelming majority of the people and the owners/operators agree that it's unacceptable/displeasing, it's perfectly reasonable to forcefully request that person to stop, or to leave. And the public space is the same, enforced by the law/police instead. Society is an agreed upon set of practices and principals which we elect as desirable, and rejecting/failing those standards will cause people to object. Any argument you could summon to argue "they have a right to be there unmolested" or "they have a right to feel good about themselves" would also apply all the more to all the other people who are also there, and is thus self defeating. Also the hotel is specifically minding their business in this case, so point 4 doesn't even make basic sense.
people like this misunderstand health at every size health at every size =/= you're automatically healthy no matter what size you are health at every size = you can be healthy at any size if you are eating healthy and exercising regularly. more specifically, that whatever weight you fall (or rise!) to when you have good habits is your natural weight, even if it might be an atypical bmi. that's all it means. the point that health =/= weight is a good point to make, but you can't extrapolate that into saying you're automatically healthy at any weight. nobody is automatically healthy. hell, not even thin people are automatically healthy.
That's uhh REALLY unhealthy for her? I wouldn't consider that body shape as normal.
Normal or not, healthy or not, attractive or not, it's still a pretty fucked up double-standard that some people are allowed to go around basically-nude and others aren't. How can this be so hard for Facepunch to understand, in between all the 'lol she fat' jokes?
A business typically allows models to model at their businesses since it usually presents a positive image or provides free publicity. Culturally you can critique what "positive" means, but I can imagine why a typical business or person would object to someone who is objectively morbidly obese modeling on their premises. I think the only real messed up part was that they approved her photo shoot through a representative from the Hotel via email, and clearly the Security was conflicting with that. Though I can also imagine it is possible the same reps that approved her might not have known she looks like the embodiment of the American Obesity Epidemic.
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