• DICE Rumored to be Prototyping Battle Royal Mode for Battlefield 5
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About a week after Fortnite's BR mode went live, I got major BR fatigue... I wish I didn't... because everything has to be BR now. I hate videogames lol.
For some reason I wouldn't even mind it in Battlefield. BF has always been a great fun shooter in my opinion and was always larger scale to begin with. Wonder if we get to keep Tanks and Jets. Gun Game for example is a mode I really loved in BF4.
One reason I'm glad I haven't touched the BR mode in any game yet. Least now as pump em out, they'll get better (I hope) with each game.
this is how the cycle goes. first it was mobas, then it was survival games (arguably where the first iterations of BR started showing up), then it was character based arena shooters, now it's battle royale. A year or two from now something else will probably be the major fad
I dunno, an actual GOOD QUALITY BR game and not a "locked in eternal public beta" like PUBG/FORTNITE might be somewhat decent. The market will probably die anyway, but you never know.
Yeah, your probably right
It's a shame about the genre being beating like a dead horse the concept is interesting but once you've been in one games environment for around 25 hours it starts to get really stale and lacklustre, I've only played the main two and when I saw Cliffy B's new one I just couldn't bring myself to install another BR which only new gimmick is buying weapons from machines. The BR genre to me seems like the MOBA genre all over again, where only two can co-exist and the other just pick up the scraps. Seems pointless to try and innovate this genre any further when both Fortnite and PUBG are already progressing it in their fields
It fits the game style tbh
You could make it work, but god I don't want Battlefield to become known for BR, its like the only EA franchise I still care about.
BR games are fun for like, 5 rounds then after that it's the same shit over and over again. I applaud Fortnite for at least trying to give it some variety with its building mechanic
At some point, we're going to have a hundred battle royale games. At which point, we need to parachute all hundred of them onto an island full of weapons, with an ever-shrinking safe zone, to determine which one is the actual best.
If it has all the cool vehicles, and all the destructibility on buildings and stuff I would play the shit out of that. Let's hope it has some unique style instead of the basic drop and pick up items thing other BR's have been doing.
Nah man, standard BF modes with grid inventory! Grid inventory for everyone!
Very unpopular opinion apparently but i like the battle royale games. They are fun imo
I like the battle royale concept, but the games are pretty flawed.
I'm playing a lot of Fortnite with my friends lately and it doesn't feel like a public beta at all and it's free. They're constantly updating it and it doesn't feel like the game I've played when it first got released and you actually have to do something in that game. PUBG is a mess though. Servers are still shit, even lost a game in it's final phase because the servers fucked up again. Movement still feels really bad, optimization is still atrocious and damn those bugs.
Take any battlefield game Disable respawning Disable teams (free for all) Disable objectives Last Man Standing wins Oh wow, would you look at that. Battle Royale.
Yeah I don't get the circlejerk around not wanting more Battle Royale games. Nobody has done it right yet imo, my friends and I have been waiting for a proper BR game to come out from a big publisher. Seeing both COD and BF take a crack at it makes me happy, maybe we will finally get a good mix between PUBG and Fortnite but without the building mechanic, in first person, and rounds that don't last for 30+ minutes without seeing anyone then dying to people camping a building/hill. Competition breeds innovation, someone just needs to come up with the winning formula, maybe one of them finally will, because nobody has just yet.
It's the same with every genre, if one starts to get popular people will start making noise on how saturated the market gets and WHY companies aren't making games that suit them so their communities grow instead of others. Although admittedly trend fatigue can be a thing, this is the prime moment for said genre to push its boundaries before the craze dies down.
Kinda already had something similar in BF3. Though i doubt these rumors are true.
Sure, why not. Not gonna play it but I can see how well it'd fit in to the typical Battlefield game, given its disposition towards huge maps and pretty functional gunplay.
I really hate this follow-the-leader crap going on. I'm sure it has always existed in some capacity, not just for video games, but this decade for video games and developers just following whatever suddenly gets this almost viral popularity is really annoying, and just really uninspired.
It could work pretty well with Battlefield honestly But the fact that it seems to be a focus does not bode well
Yeah, Frostbite quality/polish IMO could be the difference between current BR games and a great one.
I kinda like the idea of a BR in like, no man's land
Wasn't squad deathmatch a Battle Royale in mini anyways?
If its just a mode, What's the issue.
Yes and no. Correct me if I'm wrong, but BRs are free for alls and the main struggle is trying to be the last one standing so you earn the most cash to outfit yourself better for the next battle. Squad Deathmatch is only similar since it takes place over a kind of largish area and people are shooting at each other. There's not real "survival" mechanics like being dropped into a hot zone with nothing but your fists.
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