• TotalBiscuit's cancer is spreading and chemo doesn't work anymore
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I'm not one to go this route usually, i'm usually the eternal optimist, the "there's always hope for the hopeless" guy, but sometimes, there's just no more to do. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, and the best tech we can muster, we can't fix what's wrong. In these instances its acceptable for a doctor to say "look we're out of working options, we can't do more". Some cancer can't be cured. Some patients can't be saved. This is the ultimate, black and white fact in medicine. It sucks, it really does, I've been on the receiving end and the giving end of that news, and its harsh, for everyone involved. I've gone home and wept bitterly after not being able to resuscitate someone, i've done it in front of families, at the end of the day, it is, what it is. I wish TB the best in those experimental treatments, I hope that the absolute bleeding edge of medicine can save him where accepted medicine has failed, but at the same time, I know the odds are stacked against him.
Don't worry, it's pretty god damn foreign and bizarre to most of us, too. I honestly didn't even know he had cancer, that really sucks, especially considering his age.
4 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBb2BIVrV7M 2 months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT5A13hQSUA
He's the type of guy that falls over with his finger still on the trigger. IF anyone can get cancer to fuck off itt'l be TB.
https://twitter.com/Totalbiscuit/status/987883457144590336 god fucking damnit TB
His unwavering humor about the situation is such a beautifully empowering thing to witness.
I don't think anybody here is more qualified than his doctor to give advice on his treatment. If trying to stop the cancer just isn't going to work, then it becomes a question of quality of life. There's no sense in suffering more during your last few months of life if it's not going to actually come with any benefit.
I watched through the entire series of TB & Jesse Cox playing through Terraria. It was a good series
I've seen it 3 times now. Maybe time to see it a 4th. My all time favorite let's play by a country mile.
Holy shit I wasn't expecting that difference I stopped watching his stuff years ago
TotalBiscuit when he first announced his cancer said "get yourself a physical and blood test every year" and I've taken that good piece advice to heart. I'm going for a physical this month or next. Cancer's no fucking joke and it helps to have more timestamps in your medical history.
https://twitter.com/Totalbiscuit/status/988063713591726080 His Twitter feed is 60% dogs and 40% other stuff. Send him some good doggos on Twitter, he likes it and shares on his feed sometimes too.
The reason the doctor would tell a patient to stop treatment is if the treatment degrades the remaining quality of life of the patient and wouldn't buy them any additional time... Chemo and Radiation therapy makes you sick, nauseated and it's hell on your body... It also lowers your immune system / response and you're much more likely to pick something else up... All of that degrades your quality of life. The doctor is simply suggesting he should spend the rest of the time he has left getting his affairs in order without going through the hell chemo / radiation puts you through, not to mention the large amount of time it eats up for those treatments.... ie spend time with those you love and help them remember you more as you were than as you would be going through the treatments until your last hour.... It isn't bad advice - this sounds like a doctor who things the harm of the treatment outweighs any benefits - or doesn't see any benefits so why harm him?
I absolutely understand this point of view, but it also reminds me of a story my grandfather told me, about a friend of his. As my grandfather tells it, his friend was diagnosed with a late-stage terminal illness (can't remember what it was, exactly). When he asked the doctor how long he had, the doctor shrugged and told him "I'd be surprised if you make it six months." Rather than mope about it, he made the best of those six months, doing things he's always wanted to do with his wife, kids, and grandkids. He got all his affairs in order as fast as possible, and then just lived each day to its fullest, as if it were his last - because, as the doctor insinuated, each day could be his last. Finally, six months came and went. And he was still around, and feeling about as fine as one can expect for having a terminal illness. So he went to his doctor and asked him what's up. The doctor shrugged and said, "I can't see another 6 months." Another 6 months pass, and he's still going strong. The doctor is admittedly impressed at this point, but still pessimistic. "You won't see year two." Another year passes. And another. And another. And another. Finally, seven years pass from his 6-month diagnosis, and he's still going strong. His doctor is floored, and brings in some medical academics to discuss the situation. The academics ask for his permission to write about him in their journals, because virtually no one ever survives 7 years after being diagnosed so late with that illness. It took another 5 years - 12 years in total, from a 6-month prognosis - before he finally succumbed to that terminal illness. Again, I want to iterate that this is a third-hand story - I am telling a story that my grandfather told me about a friend of his. And my grandfather has a tendency to embellish stories, so I've no idea how much of this is true and how much is fanciful. But regardless, I find the story inspiring and uplifting. And if there's anyone in the world who can be like the purported friend in my grandfather's story, then I know with all my heart that person is TotalBiscuit. So long as he's got that fire and fight in him, and he's willing to push through whatever it might take, whatever bleeding edge treatments might subject him to, then I am confident that he will persevere as long as he possibly can. I don't think the universe would allow anything less of him.
I wasn't gunna cry but...
Some doctors are also just shit doctors. I hope he got second/third opinions. His back specialist didn't catch a tumor growing in his back, so there you have it. My father went in because he had a pain after rotating tires on his car, doctor thought it was a bacteria/infection so prescribed him CIprofloxacin, and after a dose of that didn't work, prescribed it to him again, and if you haven't read up on what that can do to your body, it's quite the horrible read, and it was SO fun watching him suffer and go from walking 2 miles a day to not being able to stand on his own within days. Oh and it was all for nothing, too, because the doctor who spends all of 3 minutes with each of his patients didn't correctly diagnose a HERNIA so what a shocker
my friend bounced around from specialist to specialist for like two years trying to get her chronic arm pain diagnosed before she finally found the one good one who was able to immediately recognize her symptoms as cubital tunnel syndrome and get her into surgery. the prolonged suffering caused by her previous doctors giving her the runaround and trying to convince her that she had carpal tunnel when none of the treatments for it lessened the pain nearly drove her to suicide and caused the actual problem to get to a point where she might have permanent nerve damage. sometimes doctors really aren't qualified to give advice.
Bumping this with an update. https://www.reddit.com/r/cynicalbritofficial/comments/8g4eoj/official_totalbiscuits_future/ [quote]TL:DR - Conventional treatments ineffective, liver too damage for clinical trials that we know of. I'm retiring as a critic to spend whats left of my life sharing my love of gaming with my wife and all of you via co-op videos and streams. The podcast will continue every week, with a streamlined 2-hour format. We have no plans to launch any kind of donation campaign and suggest above a list of ways to support us if you would like to.[/quote]
Well shit. I guess that's that. I hope his last days are the best of his life
Damn that was hard to read. Knew it was coming but it didn't make it easier. My heart goes out to him and his family. If only there was more I could do.
It feels way to fest still. Man it's beating a head horse, but there's nothing else to be said but "Fuck cancer!"
Damnit. Just. Damnit. Definitely teared up reading that
fuuuuuuuck, damn
Except it isn't. You can play the games he plays, you can see why he made the critiques he did, you can agree or disagree with his final verdicts on all things both gross and sublime. You can give to the charities he championed, you can give Gemma a quiet thumbs up on her content and you can see the conversations he carried whether you agreed with them or not, or even think they mattered all that much. You can lend your voice to the discussions he carried or start on you think matters as much in the same venues he did. You can create content he would raise an eye at. You can carry his sense of humor or his methods of determining worth, you can reflect on his observations, and take them to further a degree on games yet to come. And you can say "fuck cancer" for no particular reason out loud in public or private at any time.
I teared up reading that...
The fact that he spends the majority of that post talking about work rather than his own health is amazing and kind of says it all. What a legend.
Its even more brutal if you listen to todays podcast. https://clips.twitch.tv/CoyCrazyJayBudBlast
I always liked his videos and his pro consumer attitude was always really inspiring. Recently I noticed his lack of uploads and in his last "wtf is" he sounded extremely sick which was heartbreaking to hear. I hope he finds his peace.
Portrait done by MarikBentusi https://i.imgur.com/F1zVXl3.png
Whoa I thought dude had died years ago?
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