• Professor who went on Barbara Bush 'racist' rant may not be saved by tenure
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I can absolutely see why even if it is a flawed generalization It comes largely down to our current political atmosphere and the divisiveness of each side. The left, the long time champions of "Political Correctness" have had a definite and severe effect on our modern language. Certain words are taboo, for little to no reason. Recently, the word "Retarded" has become a serious catching point for the left, when the idea behind the word is the issue we should be concerned about. Once "Retard" is removed from the cultural lexicon, new words that mean the same thing will appear, and be used, and be fought against, and it's this never ending battle of "What's okay to be said". It isn't a government stepping in and enforcing rules on you, it's the "Social construct we all live in" that applies these things, it can lead to a situation where people jump to appear virtuous, but aren't. I wouldn't say it's a stretch for us all to look around and say we know some people on the left like that. The right has championed "freedom" for a long time. Now, I think the right is disingenuous when they say they're the party of personal choice or freedom, so I don't think they're most accurately summed up as the party of freedom. There's plenty of conservatives who want to use the same basic premises that the left wants to use, to control language for their end goal, but the left is a considerably more visible force when it comes to dictating what can and can't be said and is more readily seen in that light. Personally, I think both parties and both sides are looking to control language for the benefit of their end goal, I don't think either side is totally laudable in their goals or execution, they're not equally bad, but nothing good is coming from either sides emphasis on language and controlling that.
The employer has a choice whether or not they want to employ a toxic person who risks damaging their reputation. The association with that person is still effecting that employer's image whether they're being an asshole at work or at home.
Then don't complain that companies have more power than the government. We literally limit the government so they can't do this. You don't get to give companies the power to rule over people's lives so you can get your rocks off on people getting fired for saying something you don't like, then complain that they control too much of people's lives.
This isn't mutually exclusive. A company can fire you for making it look bad, why is that any surprise? Imagine if you hired a gardener and found out he's extremely racist and find him harassing a worker at the supermarket. Sure, it's not your place to fire him because he's not at work when he says that stuff, but everyone who's seen you two together will associate you with his racism.
If he's not doing it while doing my gardening, then those people can fuck right the fuck off with their guilt by association. The only reason this is a thing is because people intentionally push the association to dole out their own version of justice. Let's not delude ourselves here.
She definitely needs to be shown that she can be fired. Sure, it is free speech, but what she did was unprofessional, and it doesn't excuse her from the consequences. In case anyone didn't know, she sent her "phone number" so people who had an issue can contact her. Said number was the Arizone State University suicide prevention hotline. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/tempe/2018/04/19/fresno-state-professor-randa-jarrar-prank-floods-asu-hotline-barbara-bush/532486002/
What a fucking idiot. Alongside bragging about her tenure she should be fired for that alone.
Shame, I think what she said was truly nasty and terrible timing, but I don't sit well with an administration saying this went "beyond" freedom of speech and using that as the reasoning to fire her.
Sho blockaded a suicide prevention hotline out of sheer ego, I think that's beyond the pale let alone beyond free speech.
She should face criminal charges for that one, in my opinion.
After finding out that this person is insane beyond the comments she made on Barbara Bush, I think she should be both fired and investigated. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/987916672999739392
She should absolutely no be fired for the things she said about Barbara Bush. I don't believe that sharing your opinion on a dead person deserves being fired. The rest of the shit she did, though, is a different story.
Also, preventing people from being fired for the reason of "you said something offensive" is quite literally the thing that tenure was created to stop. Tenure once defended the principle of academic freedom, which holds that it is beneficial for society in the long run if scholars are free to hold and examine a variety of views. The modern conception of tenure in US higher education originated with the American Association of University Professors' (AAUP) 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure.[1] Jointly formulated and endorsed by the AAUP and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), the 1940 Statement is endorsed by over 250 scholarly and higher education organizations and is widely adopted into faculty handbooks and collective bargaining agreements at institutions of higher education throughout the United States.[2] This statement holds that, "The common good depends upon the free search for truth and its free exposition" and stresses that academic freedom is essential in teaching and research in this regard.
eh bush sort of did start a war with iraq on falsified pretenses. we know now that cheney and rumsfeld were already talking iraq while in the bunker during 9-11
They don't, they have a right-wing connotation in general. There's a sociological reason for this. You can get away with saying a lot on the left, I don't see how this is even up for dispute. I did myself. This is because of a myriad of factors: 1) We are postcolonial society in a period after the 60s 2) We are the democratic victors of WW2 that partially see in ourselves what defined fascism on the continent, while never being exposed to the terror of the far-left that in part stimulated such, creating a double standard 3) As a civilization on the forefront of globalization, the West is trying to both stay progressive and guarantee long-term growth by committing to a liberal open society which at its end conclusions is at odds with conservatism 4) the left is historically rooted in parts of society that generally just don't culturally value negative liberties and maximum freedom as much, that's usually small property owners As a result, I can post "free mumia abu-jamal" or "college republicans practice white supremacy" stuff on campus all day, but as soon as I put "equity is illiberal" or "the wage gap is a myth" you can bet your ass the university president is bending over backwards to placate people. I could take the Sam Harris approach to the issue of race and IQ or Islam and still be labeled alt-right, whereas we don't bat an eye at the influence of Gramsci on culture in sociology, the relationship of critical theory to anti-Soviet revisionist Marxists, or the roots of intersectionality in early 20th century progressivism and socialism. This is why the internet's pluralism has been so socially disruptive for us. It's disconnected from historical and cultural contexts that warp dialogue so as to create imbalances within it for the sake of social stability.
She has free speech, she is allowed to spout whatever non-sense she wants. However, she is not free from the consequences of her words or statements. When you actively act like an asshat, then try to bring in the organization you work for by screaming you cannot be fired and try to flex on kids by saying you make 100k a year. It just screams "FIRE ME, I AM AN IDIOT."
man. Way to kill the vibe...
There's a tenured professor at my school I'd love to see fired, but considering he's been there for 15 years pulling the same crap, I doubt they even read his course evaluations.
Funny how she just had to throw in that "I make $100k a year". What a fucking cunt.
Well, she'll probably have to settle elsewhere for way less now. She better have saved a good amount. Dumb bitch.
One would expect an English professor to have a better vocabulary to criticize someone other than calling Bush a 'witch'
I think the earlier video with her praising the tactics of plane hijackers and saying someone should throw a grenade into "Spencer's" house is actually something the authorities could use to get involved.
update: she's not getting fired "I will never be fired," professor Randa Jarrar taunted critics after she blasted Barbara Bush as a racist not an hour after the former first lady's death was announced last week. And the president of California State University, Fresno, has confirmed that she will keep her job. After reviewing the facts, "the university does not have justification to support taking any disciplinary action," President Joseph Castro said in a statement Tuesday. "Professor Jarrar did not violate any CSU or university policies." But Castro said the decision to allow Jarrar to keep her job wasn't related to tenure, saying it "is an issue of free speech." He went on to say, "Let me be clear, on campus and whenever we are representing the university, I expect all of us to engage in respectful dialogue."
Honestly, fuck her, but also good.
Wellp, now I can only hope for criminal convictions then. Shame the university couldn't get rid of her.
criminal convictions??? what the fuck for? stating her (shitty) opinion on the internet?
For posting the phone number of a suicide prevention hotline as her own and directing hundreds of callers with the expectation of speaking to her towards it. I'm not 100% sure on the law but I wouldn't be surprised if that constitutes some form of fraud, especially if it got swamped hard enough.
oh yeah, i forgot about that. that was definitely shitty but I don't know if it's necessarily punishable by law. it seems like harrassment at the very least
Oh idk, maybe publishing the number for a suicide prevention hotline as her personal phone# knowing full well it'd garner all the fucking hate calls from people who read her retarded ass opinion on the internet? You know, the actually probably illegal thing she did?
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