• Some male sexual assault victims feel left behind by #MeToo
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wonder if this will be spun as MRA?
It will not, because there is a difference on highlighting that yes, these horrible things happens to men aswell to women, and we need to do something to provide help and safety for both genders VS Going up to women spaces to bring attention away to them to point out the obvious that, yes... men get sexual assaulted too, while being a sexist asshole to them
It depends doesn't it There's a huge segment of the internet that reacts as a "reactionary" to anything. Large segments of groups act completely stupidly quite often. I have no doubt that there are plenty of people who will shit on the concept and be against it by virtue of the issue, I also have no doubt that we shouldn't take those people seriously. But here's the deal, loud mouthed, vocal activists are common in todays world, and are rarely going to back down and shift public perception quite quickly and easily and in ways that can be dishonest.
To be clear, how much can you advocate for the rights of males before you become MRA? This is material for a Patrick Star/Man Ray meme.
I imagine you would end up being an MRA once you act like you inherently deserve women and buy into into stupid concepts like red pills and femoids.
So what do the guys that are actual victims of sexual abuse and etc call themselves? It's kinda shitty that the most literally accurate and nonjudgmental term is the one delegated only to the extremists of the group it describes.
You don't think that's by design?
It's almost like shitty labels to gather under attract tribal mentalities and are best stayed away from, especially if they start on reddit. I am a male victim of childhood sexual abuse and I don't feel left behind by MeToo. Why would I? It's a movement meant to put light on something that thousands, if not millions of people have suffered under for way too long. Yeah it started as a way for women to get all this out there but it has grown into a movement where no labels are applied and your individual stories matter. Why the hell would I look at the relief these people, who have suffered just like me, are finding in something meant to help them and say "But what about about meeeee?" It's a fantastic movement that is garnering attention for a massive problem that has stayed in the dark for way too long, and articles like this seem to be popping up just to delegitimize it and make men vaguely angry at something in the same way at people that say "Well what about a WHITE history month, huh?" If people are stopping men from sharing their stories altogether as part of what is supposed to be a giant, label-less movement then that is on them, and they need to fuck off, but the movement itself is meant to be for everyone and always should be. There is no "This one is for women, and this one is for men." version, that's just people trying to place a divide as usual to please the angry readers. I don't need my suffering to be worn as a label for someone who doesn't care about what it means and just wants to use it to attack people and concepts they don't like, thanks.
People like Terry Crews still aren't being taken seriously despite getting sexually harrassed It's an issue that's not taken seriously, that's all it is and it is worth bringing it up If famous people who suffered this aren't getting the help or recognition they need then there is a problem
That story made me really sad. The guy has done enough to show who he is and then that comes out and it was basically just blown away without any discussion, it was gross. But to be fair to my point that really has little to do with this article or with MeToo, you are free to discuss and share your stories, and aren't going to be locked out. That's more of a problem with the idea that men just aren't taken as seriously with their claims or "can't be raped" no matter where or with who they share their story. Which is a serious problem that is disgusting that it even still needs to be addressed but it does. I experienced that myself, even though I was only a child because I live in a highly conservative area I was supposed to not talk about it, to keep it to myself. I wasn't a victim, I was a problem, treated like someone that carried around a secret that would harm me if anyone knew, even though it wasn't my fault. So I know the feeling and I wouldn't want anyone else to feel it. Society needs to work on that one as a whole, men can be assaulted, child or adult, and admitting it takes strength, talking about it isn't an easy start.
The funny thing is that hearing Terry Crews's story me really think about the issue. Anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment, even someone as imposing as him.
Considering I've seen the more extreme of feminists outright say things like "men cannot get raped", I'm not surprised.
ive never met these kinds of people in real life, only online. where do you guys go to see this?
my ex. she once said men cant get raped by women because women dont have dicks
Why is this such a common excuse? So what if you haven't seen one? That doesn't mean they don't exist.
This is absolutely false and I have thousands of gigabytes of images and footage to prove it.
Not using it as an excuse, I know they exist. I just always noticed that there are generally very few of those people in comparison to the amount of kick back you see online.
Maybe I'm misremembering but isn't defined in british(?) law that you can only be a victim of sexual abuse if it's done by penetration?
The president of the French High Comity for Equality between Women and Men, to whom I brought the issue up during a conference about gender inequalities and harassment. It's the public institution that advises the government on those issues. Basically the most politically powerful one when it come to influencing gender-related laws nationwide. If that's not an issue, I'm not sure what could be.
I have a few people like that as friends on facebook. I could say that I've never seen an actual neo-nazi in real life, only talked about online. Doesn't mean the fuckers don't exist.
There's likely far more feminists who say the opposite though. You know, the whole macho culture surrounding the issue and how male rape is often mocked and laughed at or the victims are considered "lucky" if done by attractive women. Not to mention how the same culture looks down on the victims, branding them weak. Culture like that is one of the main things feminists wish to destroy.
pretty sure over here general unwanted touching is classed as sexual assault no matter who or where its done
It's a lot easier to talk about this stuff online. If a guy is shamed for suggesting he may have been or is even able to be raped, then he's probably less likely to bring it up in a regular social context. You'll see a lot more kickback about everything online because people are more willing to talk about more personal issues.
the me too movement is pathetic, happy to point the finger at scumbags like Harvey Weinstein but when patently worse atrocities are committed all of these people bar a few are silent as it isnt yet "fashionable" to call them out. Some of the most privileged people on the planet playing victim, and its no wonder no body takes these people seriously.
For the longest time, people didn't call out scumbags like Harvey Weinstein. It was an open secret that he was a rapist and a sexual abuser, but nobody could talk about it because he was able to threaten people into compliance. It's exactly because it's fashionable (or in other words, that they actually can without fear of having their lives destroyed) to call him out that people are able to do it now. Weinstein was able to do what he did for so long because he destroyed people who tried to point the finger at them. When I say destroy, I mean he destroyed their careers, their reputation, sued them until they had no money, their entire lives basically. Maybe people actually do want to call out all of these patently worse atrocities, but they either cannot or nobody will listen to them or don't have any power to do anything about it. Think about all of the people who criticize Putin and end up dead in unfortunate 'accidents'. That's why people don't criticise him. Lesser scumbags like Weinstein will destroy your life, but the people you're talking about will end your life.
men, as usual, feel the need to make everything about themselves
Sexual harassment isn't specifically about men or women, it's about humans. It occurs more often to women and some times to men. Perpetrators are of both genders.
All Lives Matter level logic. men are perpetrators of sexual harassment far more than they are victims. in some cases i imagine it's simply chickens coming home to roost
If you put a lot of suffering vs some suffering on a seesaw you don't get a 'winner', you just get a really heavy seesaw.
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