• Sources: Valve Buys Firewatch Developer Campo Santo
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Has Valve done anything like this before? Never heard of them buying a Dev until now
I guess this is what Gabe meant when he said that Valve would start shipping games again; they would buy out other developers so they don't have to do the work themselves.
Valve has finally do to extended their company besides 'making'/updating games. Is buy for now is one small indie company.
Turtle Rock (L4D), The Narbacular Drop Team (Portal), Minh Le & Jess Cliffe (Counter Strike), Robin Walker, John Cook & Ian Caughley (Team Fortress).
Well I mean the latter three examples are more like "hiring" them than "buying them out", but the first example is definitely true.
Yea, But these three groups were modders that uses Valve's Goldsource/Source engines before Valve converts their mods into Video Game IPs.
Huh, interesting. Their games are definitely not in Valve's regular purview, so seeing In The Valley of the Gods released under Valve's name is going to be odd. Or maybe they've all forgotten how to make video games and needed to absorb some people who know how
I mean I'm pretty sure they bought them to absorb their employees, so for practical purposes it's pretty much the same. Doubt they give a fuck about the Firewatch IP.
dalia is gordon
Well, kinda. CS was a mod for Half-Life 1, but IIRC TF1 and ND didn't use the GoldSrc/Source engines. Specifically, TF1 was a mod for Quake 1 with plans for a sequel using the Quake II engine, with this version obviously not coming into fruition.
Turtle Rock
You make it sound like its a bad thing. It is probably the best way to get developers by getting an established team. You know you got a working team that can make games, easier to add single people from the rest of the company instead of hiring a bunch of individuals. With what Valve has available they could easily host multiple groups as well. Just relying on what is left of Valve in terms of game devs is probably not enough or they simply want more. I rather take them buying game devs then EA.
it makes sense. Campo Santo's specialty is interactive narrative, they probably want their team to lead a drive on new narratives for future games this actually gives me a little bit of hope, i'm normally heavily skeptical when it comes to anything valve does but this is like seeing a heart rate monitor suddenly let out a single beat after years of nothing but flatline maybe they're actually ready to make something again
Very interesting choice by Valve. What was the mount of people at Campo Santo aynhow?
I know Firewatch's art style got compared to TF2 a lot, maybe they want to do something else with the TF2 characters? Or a graphical update tied with a content update? I'm just saying that because Campo Santo's games don't fit at all with Valve's game design philosophy. It seems extremely unlikely that they'd buy them just to develop narrative driven walking simulators. Speaking of which, In The Valley of Gods isn't out yet, so does that mean Valve will technically publish the game?
Seems the most likely to me. Valve did promise some actual games, so I like to imagine they thought, "Oh shit, uh, buying other devs worked for Portal, CS and L4D, it's gotta work again, right? Uhhhhhhhh, these guys look cool" smashes Buy Developer button
This is good. Firewatch has issues, but imo the first half of the game is written excellently and I'm glad they'll be working on something new.
Why can't I un-spoiler quoted text
Well yeah I mean some good could come out of this, but I still don't have much trust in Valve personally so I'll just wait and see what happens.
this meme was unfunny the first time it was posted why would it be funny the billionth time around God, EA would kill this studio within the year it bought it out
I wish I could agree with this 100 times. For some reason people are quite critical towards Firewatch, but I think I'd put it in my top 5 games of all time. As someone who can appreciate just a calm setting in a game, stopping to appreciate the sounds and visuals made my experience that much better. I know people are still making theories about the game's ending, which makes me happy, and I definitely hope to see something of similar quality come from the devs, even if that does technically mean it comes from Valve.
Not excited. Firewatch was dogshit.
I mean one of the glaring issues with the game is that they had to rush most of it after showing it too early which resulted in people expecting a lot when what they first showed was literally all they had put together up to that point.
Devolver's thoughts on the matter: https://twitter.com/ForkParker/status/987813529083314176
It's going to be hard for Campo Santo to capture the feeling of Firewatch again, that's for sure. At least they have more resources available now.
Does that mean Campo Santo is going to have to switch to Vavle's dumb flat management structure now?
Wow fucking RIP productivity
Says that Campo Santo will remain as a team. I remember Valve hosting some VR devs to work on their game in their offices awhile ago, so maybe this'll be like that except more official. Small, individual, but established teams at Valve working on their own projects with the backing of Valve's resources?
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