• BBC: Is 'bisexual lighting' a new cinematic phenomenon?
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http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-43765856 But is it really a tool to represent bisexuality, or are people reading too much into neon-tinged stylisation?
What was the name of that law, sort of like Poe's law, in that any news article that contains a question in the title is usually answered with "no"? Cos I think that applies here tbh.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237427/fdf003c7-645b-41ad-b90f-c7ee2a78380d/image.png This. BBC have really outdone themselves this time.
The bisexual pride flag, which was created in 1998, consists of pink, purple and blue horizontal stripes The 80s purple-blue neon-chrome aesthetic predates the flag anyway.
You're thinking of Betteridge's law of headlines, and yes, it does apply here.
this sounds like a way to insult the overuse of the 80s aesthetic tbh
Betteridge's Law of Headlines
betteridges either way, this is silly. It's jokingly called bisexual lighting because its pink and purple, which are the colours of the bi flag. Not because it's a secret code for filmmakers to tell you someone's bisexual. Or, if it is, then they're cowards for not making it apparent in the film in any way besides the lighting. also this is a very minor nitpick but they call both characters in the san junipero episode of black mirror bisexual, when one of them was a lesbian. bit weird.
What's up with BBC articles reading too deep into the most inane fucking things
Holy fuck thats some messed up weed BBC. What the hell. I hate these kinds of ideas.
Is John Wick bisexual? Is Agent K? I'm confused, what's the point of calling it bisexual lighting? What's the point of this article?
What's up with this behaviour of just insisting your fan fiction is canon despite there being no evidence? Like I guess they just see what they want to see and hit the "if I believe it enough it's true" mindset at a certain point.
Yeah sure, bisexual lighting. It's totally not just...colored lighting. What's next, a black circle somewhere and the headlines light up with "asexual building designs?!?!?!?" Whatever gets those clicks I guess.
To be fair, it is their entertainment and arts section. I should hope they keep reporters and writers on that part far away from all the important stuff like war reporting and whatnot.
well this lowered my iq
Glad to see British media sank to our standard
Sheltered, upper middle class people who want to circle jerk about how "progressive" and "woke" they are without actually putting in any real effort in helping with social change.
An early use of the term comes from a 2014 post on the blogging site Trumblr This is patently false, the meme actually started on Tritter before spreading to Facebrook and YouTrube
Today I learned that the bisexual flag has a neat 80s aesthetic . Because that's all this lighting is. more evidence that bi is objectively the best sexuality.
Can't wait for people to cite this article in order to discredit the BBC
Actually this is nothing new. While yes, these colors are a throwback to the 80s, they are also complemetary colors and are very pleasing for the viewers. Cyan/Magenta is a very popular combination and Orange with Blue (which make up for about 80% of all movie posters) Hell, I have my living room horizontally divided by hundrets of LEDs and pretty often I set them to Cyan and Magenta because the combination looks great and makes my bisexual personality stand out
White light is gay lighting because it contains all colors of the rainbow
"Is Hollywood Secretly In Love With The Denver Broncos?" https://my.mixtape.moe/qsedqw.jpg
This article is almost Buzzfeed levels of stupid.
I think you mean DA BEARS. https://i.imgur.com/QxUnXwq.jpg
I read this in Dr.Steve Brule's voice
so a frequency of light determines how many holes you're interested in. interesting...
Maybe this specific lighting theme automatically turns people bisexual?
You've heard of the gay rays, now try out the new bi light!
"Are The Chicago Bears Secretly In Love With The Denver Broncos?"
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