• Milo Yiannopoulos and a group of democratic socialists walk into a bar
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The term you're looking for is "play stupid games, win stupid prizes". If you want to prance around with nazis, support ultra right wing propaganda, and constantly mock others who are not right leaning, dont be surprised when said people publicly call you out on your shit. No one layed a hand on him, they just voiced their opinion on him. All of this is ironic considering you were fine with people releasing another person's nudes with no penalties because the first amendment. But because milo got told off now its bullying.
Making people that promote or engage in hate speech uncomfortable is a different thing from actually engaging in hat speech. One of them is acceptable and what all society should be doing, making nazis feel bad, the other one is hating people for no reason.
We can yell at you until you leave the bar.
So in your logic he is allowed to paint millions of people as not welcome in the country by making videos on the internet that are seen by millions, but a bar full of people is not allowed to do the same in said bar. Are you for real? I mean I knew you were pretty damn right wing frm a lot of other threads but this is just laughable.
They're both the same in that they involve shaming people into making them feel horrible about themselves, and both ought to be discouraged, horrific political views being on the receiving end or not. Tackling hate isn't as simple as "shame them into compliance with out views", and never, ever, has been.
It''s just that I so often see him using that in contexts like this Defending the statue: Texas Antifa want Houston to remove statue of Houston "not a real christian" Muslim converts breathe new life into Europe’s struggling Christ.. pretty much the same as this thread: Search But I might also be just wrong and in that case I must appologize.
This is ironic thing about the Alt-Right, and the thing they don't really understand. They're assholes who want to be allowed to keep acting like assholes, yet they don't want to be socially ostracized for being assholes. They think it's some kind of censorship or oppression that's keeping them down, when it's just other people making the choice not to tolerate their behavior.
Assuming Milo personally is treating this alt-right rhetoric as nothing more than jokes, id seriously like to know when he (and his supporters for that matter) thought it would be okay to start spouting memes in public and not be ostracized for it, especially when said memes are racist in nature. I honestly could believe that Milo is just a colossal idiot manchild that doesnt understand the consequences of his own actions and not actually a white nationalist. Between that and the moral laziness of white nationalists who dont really have any strong political plans or watertight ideas, Im not really sure which is more reprehensible. Either way, hes really obnoxious and the fact people actually still listen to him is making me very sad right now.
they want some sort of weird affirmative action for opinions
God damn I hope for your sorry sake the nazi's get back to their swastika armbands because I fear that's the only sign of fascism that could ever get through to you.
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
No safe spaces for nazis
Milo shouldn't feel safe. He's a white supremacist who builds his career off of making people feel unwelcome, has, for lack of a better word, celebrated when trans teens killed themselves, and is an actual pedophile apologist. Fuck Milo and fuck anyone who thinks Milo is smart.
Being okay with allowing people to be targeted because people dislike them is an ideological difference that you and I are not going to resolve.
This is Milos entire career.
Yeah, and we recognize that he's a bad person because of it.
Hs ideology is legitimately harmful to people, myself included. I'll be in the cold hard fucking ground before I give the pedophilic, fascist loving, "white man's burden," piece of human garbage even an ounce of consideration. I repeat, Fuck Milo and fuck everyone who thinks Milo is smart.
https://youtu.be/SHpEA8JUJBY Interview with Milo's partner
Well everyone, we just have to give up because the nazi got his feeling's hurt. Theres literally no reason a nazi sympathizer should even fiven an ounce of attention or acknowledgement. For fuck sake the entire ideology is whiping out the "impure" masses. Justice is telling every single nazi that they can go fuckyhemselves onto their own island if they believe that horseshit.
How is this an eye for an eye? He is actively promoting Nazi propaganda and opinions. The bar crowd wants him out of the bar. This is ridiculous.
How is telling someone to piss off and make them feel 'unsafe' (which is what you think btw, what'hav they got - guns pointed to his head while saying that or something?) is anywhere close to being equal to all of the shit he's done? This isn't even close.
It's hardly a stretch to call Milo a Nazi. His whole career is based on being as Nazi as he possibly can while maintaining a public following. He uses humor to feel out the rightmost limits of the Overton window and maintain plausible deniability when he oversteps.
Being a meany is the real fascism :/
I was refering to your religion, I was refering to your whole point in the thread which is fairly conservative/right
Imagine thinking giving Milo the payback he rightfully deserves is somehow a bad thing. Phew, good thing we don't have any of those fucking idiots here, huh?
yeah but if you spend most of your time defending shitty people, then people might assume the same?
Or, people could be actual grown adults and just ask instead of assuming? We don't assume someone is a criminal because they defend criminals against excessive punishment.
I think Milo could have avoided this by choosing his words a little better, he can come off as abrasive sometimes.
Golly! Milo? Abrasive??
Putting it mildly i know.
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