• Milo Yiannopoulos and a group of democratic socialists walk into a bar
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You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
No safe spaces for nazis
Milo shouldn't feel safe. He's a white supremacist who builds his career off of making people feel unwelcome, has, for lack of a better word, celebrated when trans teens killed themselves, and is an actual pedophile apologist. Fuck Milo and fuck anyone who thinks Milo is smart.
Being okay with allowing people to be targeted because people dislike them is an ideological difference that you and I are not going to resolve.
This is Milos entire career.
Yeah, and we recognize that he's a bad person because of it.
Hs ideology is legitimately harmful to people, myself included. I'll be in the cold hard fucking ground before I give the pedophilic, fascist loving, "white man's burden," piece of human garbage even an ounce of consideration. I repeat, Fuck Milo and fuck everyone who thinks Milo is smart.
https://youtu.be/SHpEA8JUJBY Interview with Milo's partner
Well everyone, we just have to give up because the nazi got his feeling's hurt. Theres literally no reason a nazi sympathizer should even fiven an ounce of attention or acknowledgement. For fuck sake the entire ideology is whiping out the "impure" masses. Justice is telling every single nazi that they can go fuckyhemselves onto their own island if they believe that horseshit.
How is this an eye for an eye? He is actively promoting Nazi propaganda and opinions. The bar crowd wants him out of the bar. This is ridiculous.
How is telling someone to piss off and make them feel 'unsafe' (which is what you think btw, what'hav they got - guns pointed to his head while saying that or something?) is anywhere close to being equal to all of the shit he's done? This isn't even close.
It's hardly a stretch to call Milo a Nazi. His whole career is based on being as Nazi as he possibly can while maintaining a public following. He uses humor to feel out the rightmost limits of the Overton window and maintain plausible deniability when he oversteps.
I was refering to your religion, I was refering to your whole point in the thread which is fairly conservative/right
Imagine thinking giving Milo the payback he rightfully deserves is somehow a bad thing. Phew, good thing we don't have any of those fucking idiots here, huh?
yeah but if you spend most of your time defending shitty people, then people might assume the same?
Or, people could be actual grown adults and just ask instead of assuming? We don't assume someone is a criminal because they defend criminals against excessive punishment.
I think Milo could have avoided this by choosing his words a little better, he can come off as abrasive sometimes.
Golly! Milo? Abrasive??
Putting it mildly i know.
if you're a cunt, a known gigantic cunt, most people wouldn't want to associate or be near you and tell you to fuck off. Something tells me you haven't experienced many social situations because i can assure you if you were a known cunt in your community, you would be told to fuck off or made to fuck off because again, no one wants you there. This isn't violating your free speech or whatever nerd shit you think it is, its people showing you the door for being a cunt the only way you can get it through your thick, cunt skull.
lol, you don't know anything about me, so just don't make assumptions based off of your intuition if it's only informed by a single paragraph on the internet. I also didn't say anything about free speech, who the fuck are you arguing with? Is he standing behind me?
idk about you, but a nazi is a nazi. Im not even going to give a person who perpetuates genocide and ethnic cleansing even a leg to stand on. blows my fucking mind that people are just suddenly okay with nazis because they should have a right to voice their opinions. Fuck in my state recently there was a nazi march with them setting fire to a cross and a swastika, chanting about clearing the genepool. If you give the fuckers a platform, you're giving them acknowledgement to think being a nazi is okay.
Milo isn't a nazi. He's a cunt, he is conservative, but he's not a nazi/neo-nazi. Sooo all that other stuff at the end there is irrelevant to the topic at hand.
Man who goes to nazi bars, referenced by nazis, wears nazi paraphernalia, and talks to nazi groups is not a nazi. Wow i did nazi that coming. Its all a big coincidence, trust me. Btw, any acts that promote race/sex hate should not be okay at all. Just because its out in public, doesn't mean its fine now. Its like allowing a fire to continue in the open because "if it was in the basement, then we wouldn't even know it was there". Now we just give them a platform to spread hate and its hunky dory because we just shouldn't listen to him. Even back in 1940s the government was warning about people how easy it is to fall into the mindset thanks to public speaking: https://youtu.be/42X_eAOU4DU Sure, you can tone it out, but thats not what the message is reaching to. People need to stand up and tell them why they are fucked and don't belong in this nation if they think otherwise.
Its people like Milo who hides behind 'freedom of speech' without realizing that that it doesn't mean 'freedom from consequences'
Nationalist right wing man who is jewish is not a nazi, yes. Why does he have to be? It wouldn't make his opinions more disagreeable. > Btw, any acts that promote race/sex hate should not be okay at all. Just because its out in public, doesn't mean its fine now. Its like allowing a fire to continue in the open because "if it was in the basement, then we wouldn't even know it was there". Now we just give them a platform to spread hate and its hunky dory because we just shouldn't listen to him.
It's harder and harder to tell the difference between the white supremacist ideology of the republican party and the ideology of neo-nazis these days.
Right, just like the democrats are communists.
First off, you can be "jewish" and be a nazi. Its ironic but there's plenty of nazis who normally get demonized who join the movement. How am i degrading myself to pointing out the fact that nazisim should never be tolerated. Im a full blooded American and I know for sure i hate the way the country is heading. We went from abolishing/ridiculing facists to enabling them. All it took was a rancid party to justify their cause for them to explode. Its my right as a citizen to tell these scumbags they can fuck off to their own country before they even try to push their ideas. America wasnt made by straight white people, it was made from the blood, sweat, and tears of everyone of all races, nationalities, sexes, and religions. Like the video said, you may be different, but you're still American.
"Don't degrade yourself with behavior that you otherwise hate" - why are they hypocrites, in your mind? Can someone not find this type of social reaction justified, because they think it pales in comparison to Milo's career? Personally, I don't like seeing crowds become susceptible to mob mentality, and that's why I'm not too big a fan of Milo, OR this reaction. But this was over and done with, nothing came of it beyond the social repercussion aspect, which I think the guy totally deserves. Milo's rhetoric, on the other hand, aims to make people susceptible to fearmongering and reactionary trash in a much, much deeper way, that isn't as temporary as a chant by random, drunken patrons, but instead solidified into popular political discourse. In the end, I don't mind what these patrons did. Do you see me as a hypocrite?
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