• Net Neutrality is Over Monday, But Experts Say ISPs Will Wait to Screw Us
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https://www.inverse.com/article/43968-net-neutrality-wont-disappear-yet “Don’t expect any changes right out of the gate,” Dary Merckens, CTO of Gunner Technology, tells Inverse. Merckens specializes in JavaScript development for government and business, and sees why ISPs would want to lay low for a while before enacting real changes. “It would be a PR nightmare for ISPs if they introduced sweeping changes immediately after the repeal of net neutrality,” he says. While parts of the FCC’s new plan will go into effect on Monday, the majority of the order still doesn’t have a date for when it will be official. Specific rules that modify data collection requirements still have to be approved by the Office of Management and Budget, and the earliest that can happen is on April 27. Tech experts and consumer policy advocates don’t expect changes to happen right away, as ISPs will likely avoid any large-scale changes in order to convince policymakers that the net neutrality repeal was no big deal after all. “They know Congress and internet users will be watching closely, so they have every reason to make sure this creeps in slowly,” Josh Tabish from Fight for our Future tells Inverse. Tabish is a fellow at the non-profit, which advocates for net neutrality and a generally free and open internet. The organization has been proactive in reminding internet users that although there will not be any catastrophic changes right away, it’s important to stay vigilant and monitor ISP updates long after April 23. https://twitter.com/fightfortheftr/status/986993532668915712 Wasn't sure which section to post this in, but someone in another FP discord group suggested posting it here since it's a statement from experts rather than politicians.
Could've held their breath, other than some out of touch idiots, everyone has known what this meant for a long time
So that means, It will take maybe days, weeks or one to few months of one of ISPs begin screwing us.
Such a shame that the leftist mob won't allow ISPs to immediately use their newfound freedom to deliver gigabit speeds to the entire nation. I guess everyone's just going to have to be patient
Curse Donald Trump for making Net Neutrality a partisan talking point...
not gonna lie, I really don't think Trump himself played a part in this. Ajit Pai has been there for years, and he was one of the few that just moved on up when Trump came in. So yes, Trump appointed him, but I think that's it.
I still want to know why the US government allows ISPs to not use all that dark fiber that they laid for them and paid for them to provide service to.
You can't put this all on Trump. It absolves the Corporations and the wider GOP of their relentless greed and selfishness.
Technically Barack Obama himself also appoint Ajit Pie in deal with some Republican. While Trump just promote him as new head of FCC after Wheeler resigns.
I'tll be a bit sad if the Supreme Court has to step in for this, but whatever gets NN in permanently without fear of it going away every presidential election.
His name is 'ashit pie', dude. Its important to get that right, it needs to be grafted onto the history books that his name was in fact 'ashit pie'.
Pai was nominated by Obama on the recommendation of Mitch McConnell, to fulfill the requirement that the FCC board is always a 3-2 split between the parties. He could have nominated someone else in theory, but according to this article I found, "the President generally defers to the choices of congressional leaders for both Republican and Democratic picks"
Main reason I voted for Hiliary was so Wheeler could stay the chair of the FCC. Pai is tied into multiple corruption investigations so I don't think hes going to be around longer. Hopefully we can reverse this before any major damage is done.
Is the CRA still a thing? Doesn't the Senate need one more person to get that thing going?
hows /pol/ or the_donalad taking this?
Echo chambers owning the libs don't need net neutrality
Uuuugh. Honestly, if it's going to happen it might as well happen immediately. The annoying smug comments from trump cockriders and how the second the thing is repealed nothing happens are going to be obnoxious. Don't be so sad everyone, the good side to this whole shitshow is in a few months we can hear from all the trumpies that their "scummy internet/phone companies" are charging them out the ass now for every little thing. It'll be the pinch of rainbow sprinkles to this shitcream sundae.
Makes me wonder if this will force internet cafes to become popular again. Can't afford the forum package on your personal ISP? Look no further, Starbucks© is the place for you and your face punch needs! (Purchase of Venti or larger required for connectivity, see store for details) Honestly though, imagine people setting up server hubs to try and and around it. Like speakeasys for internet.
a VPN, you mean?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwLCjZVEtpE Well... if there is a next time... What are we gonna do now?
uh https://twitter.com/fightfortheftr/status/988423135522369537
I found out there's a Dem Representative in my state who hasn't spoken out in favor of Net Neutrality yet. I've been tweeting him like heck this morning. Any fellow New Yorkers might wanna join in. https://twitter.com/RepGregoryMeeks
Just a reminder that Ajit Pai is currently under investigation for corruption, if found guilty it will likely reverse any decisions made with him in power.
In which case I have zero faith anything will come of this but alright.
#include <empathy.h>
Ha, yeah right
They've had the freedom and the money to do that for YEARS. They don't have the competition to light the fire under their ass to bother rolling it out. They already have all the customers, why should they do more
Wait so despite pretty much everyone who isnt related to ISP hating on net neutrality going away this still happened?
yup public opinion doesn’t matter spineless shitbags in the government decided it
Yep. Because the FCC's mind was made up. Public opinion didn't matter. They pretended to accept comments, but there was the whole website crashing/bots/Dead people commenting in favor of the repeal shit that took place. The entire thing stinks of corruption through and through
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