• Royal Baby Season 3 Finale has started. Dutchess Of Cambridge is in labor
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Legitimate question - do Brits actually care about this stuff?
According to my grandma yes
Some do, but usually less and less for every season. The series has this structure problem where it's really only the first season that matters at all, and the following ones are just background-characters being introduced, though they do sometimes end up immensely popular for no particular reason.
It's fun to follow and just watch cause it's zero effort news and it's pretty entertaining. No harm done.
Partying so hard you lose all your hair at 24 is a particular reason, so is marrying a woman who can kick your ass, and might maybe do so during a drunken argument over place settings.
Elizabeth's cameo's draw in the views and hardcore fans
Most people don't give a shit, but some people care waaayyyy too much. So on average, people care quite a lot.
While true, it is kind of sad that they have to rely on cameos of characters that entered the show almost a hundred years ago to keep viewership going.
Here's a handy little flowchart on if we care about ANYTHING royalty related in the UK. Q: Do we get the day off as a result? Yes: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!! No: Bloody royals, I'm sick of them!
It's nice to have people sort of representing your country who aren't colossal dickbags.
None - but Americans are all up in their shit
Getting pretty tired of this show now. Constantly rehashing old ideas in a fruitless attempt to live up to the hype of the first season. I won't be watching the next.
She's doing her duty and pumping out heirs at an astonishing rate. Can't imagine the state of her vag after all this.
YouGov polled this question a month ago: Overall how interested, if at all, are you in the birth of the "royal baby" in Britain?  65% Not interested 28% Interested
I didn't even know she was pregnant.
Imagine this: Kate goes into labour, the whole nation is holding its breath. Hours upon hours of milling around, pouring cups of tea, waiting for the news. The BBC are the first to break it, it's a boy. The nation rejoices, thousands gather round for the baby's first public appearance. Kate emerges from the hospital doors, holding a bundle of blankets, and everyone is craning to catch the first glimpse of the baby's face. She holds him up to the camera: It's Verne Troyer.
Too soon?
I typically only see old people get excited about royal babies and the like, whereas young'ns are kind of indifferent. Weirdly, those YouGov polls show people don't care about royal babies and that malarkey but remain supportive of the monarchy; always thought anti-monarchism would increase as time progressed.
Hope they don't end this season with a cliffhanger.
Well some people enjoy the "bread and circus" so to speak and it's not divided by class interestingly, it's mainly those who have nothing going on in their lives, whether they're working, middle or upper class.
Why would there be anti-monarchy sentiment? They're great for tourism and they don't actually do anything, so why not keep em around? It's super cute!
Especially when a camera catches the Queen talking about how she doesn't like the Chinese and you realize she's like any other old woman.
I'm pretty sure we have this discussion every time a thread about the monarchy comes along and it concludes with the understanding that it's not the monarchy drawing in tourists, it's their legacy; Buckingham Palace; Castles, Aristocratic Landmarks, and so on. Same with France.
You kind of said it yourself: they don't do anything. Something about people being born into impressive wealth and living off that wealth without doing much stirs the pot for many Brits, my parents included. Doesn't help that people still haven't forgiven Liz for her behaviour towards Princess Diana, who was and still is quite popular. I'm quite neutral towards the monarchy because they help with tourism, like you said, but there are clear flaws with the system and the people.
I'm pretty sure that she just said they were very rude to the Ambassador, or something like that. Given what people on this forum say about Chinese tourists (I have no experiences to call on), I'd say it's a possibility. Best argument I heard for the monarchy is that the Prime Minister stands for the political party and the Monarch stands for the country. I kinda like that, but it does imply they have no opinions of their own and won't use their influence for ill. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy though, and that's all that counts. Finally, I would say I mainly care about The Royal Family in a pretty minor way due to Meghan Markle being really hot.
This describes so many one-percenters that I think it's kind of silly to direct frustration at the monarchy for that. idk, I don't have any particular attachment to the British monarchy but I feel it'd be a shame to dismantle it, somehow. It's just so iconic...
Oh no, the monarchy isn't a monopsony of class antagonism but, like you've just said, the monarchy is considered a crucial and iconic part of the British identity - you can understood why some might not like a piece of their national identity being associated with a predetermined position of fortune.
well I mostly just associate Britain with gross beans so you're all good there
I guess I care as a Canadian because they're my royals too but, like, once the Queen dies I couldn't really give a shit
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