• Google ready to launch yet another messaging app
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http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-43836504 It doesn't even have encryption and up to carriers to enable it. DOA.
I don't really see the point, good I guess? If it gains traction, fine, looks good on paper (except the not-encrypted part). Though I am skeptic with the sheer market-size the other messaging apps have.
First there was Google Allo Then Android Messages Now this? I swear, Google is gonna have branding confusion problem if they keep this up Atleast it gonna be better then default Samsung's SMS
Allo is dead, and this is being integrated into the Messages app. There shouldn't be much confusion.
Am I reading correctly that it is going to replace SMS entirely?
Already? lmao
All they had to do was basically copy iMessage
Honestly iMessage is by far the most important feature iPhones have had over Androids all this time. The fact that it's 2018 and I can't send a video file over like 50KB in size, or any decent non-compressed-to-hell-and-back image to another human being without downloading a seperate app, making an account, and also forcing whomever I'm sending it to to do the same, is goddamn ridiculous. It's by far the main reason Android isn't dominating the market. I was semi-hopeful when I heard they were FINALLY making a useful texting app... but boy if it doesn't have any encryption, and relies on cell carriers to properly setup, AND older android phone's might not support it... this is gonna be a massive disappointment. Come on Google, you're way better than this. In the meantime, I'm probably gonna be sadly switching back to iPhone with my tail between my legs.
Easier said then done. They need to convince Samsung to not create a carbon copy application with extra useless features like Samsung always does. The problem with widespread adoption is that other manufacturers want their system apps to have their manufacturer feel, instead of using the built in ones that Google provides. I'm hoping with this Universal Standard for Rich Communication Services that adoption of new features that other apps like Hangouts and Allo brought would actually start being used.
I'm still shocked that you can't highlight specific text in the default android messaging app. It's copy all the message or nothing.
Can't wait to not use it.
It's especially fun when you receive a security code for something and it's telling you to just copy and paste it. I CAN'T DO THAT
They'll just do what they did with google+, force everyone to use it
Really bad title. This isn't a new messenger, it's an upgrade to Android Messages to support RCS (Now called chat). It's basically iMessage for Android.
Okay, so I'm actually pretty excited for this move. The title is wrong, because this is not a new messaging app, but a service that is being integrated into the stock messaging app. This is instead a service being introduced meant to supplant SMS with something called Rich Communication Services (RCS). This is a carrier-based service that Google has spearheaded development on and is now integrating into their default app. It adds features that are pretty standard in other messaging apps like read receipts, high-res media, and group messaging, and it will use mobile data, unlike SMS. So no, this isn't Google just introducing another DOA messaging app with little support. If anything, they're actually trying to fix the issue this time.
and it 's going to be funded with their new ICO, GoogleCoin
God I'm so glad I've ditched the GOOG ecosystem long ago
Did you even read the article you posted https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/209532/9d2587de-16ee-4b95-a0de-66e979b14912/8d0bdcc06b.png
So they're forcing un-encrypted messages?
I still don't know why google crippled hangouts. It was really good for what I used it for
It's not a new app lmao. It's just android messages with RC which Samsung has done with their messages app iMessage is amazing but you can replicate just about everything on it with using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, telegram or signal
Fuck Facebook. Whatsapp and Telegram are fine but notice how with an iPhone, you don't have to force someone to sign up for another app, and make everyone else also sign up for that app and use it, and use it seperately from texting with other family or friends that don't want to deal with that? It's bullshit. That's not an answer, that's a bad alternative solution. There needs to be a solution built into Android itself that doesn't require people to go through more hoops and use seperate services, of which the majority of people won't have.
Since messages are sent over the internet, they will not use up a customer's SMS text message allowance. However, a mobile operator could in theory charge customers a separate fee to use Chat. This makes little sense to me, as I've stated a few times over the years, I get unlimited SMS, but limited data So technically, I'm now paying to message people?
In the Netherlands people only use Whatsapp. Nobody texts or uses any other services for chat. I don't know anyone who uses iMessage etc. In my eyes this app is DOA for so many reasons.
You can actually SMS through messenger
Also, just a heads up Whatsapp is own by Facebook
Fuck Whatsapp too then I'm just against Facebook as a whole considering their complete lack of morals when it comes to handling data. If you use their services, you basically consent to have all your data accessible to anyone, in the sense that they'll sell to the highest bidder, and highest bidder could either be anyone, or give that data to anyone. I definitely don't want all of my texts to be public information, so I wouldn't want to use Messenger as a primary communication tool unless absolutely necessary.
It baffles me that it has no encryption whatsoever. This deserves to be DOA.
You might want to read up on what they can/can't share and specifically how it is (not) tied to you as a person.
Yes technically, but SMS as a protocol sucks and should be done away with. It's super slow, unreliable, and can only handle a very limited amount of data. That's not to mention it can't really support all the things that modern messengers have, which is why people use those anyway.
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