• QuanticDream Sued the Journalists who Reported their bad Treatment of Employee
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https://www.kitguru.net/gaming/matthew-wilson/journalists-find-themselves-in-court-after-reporting-accusations-against-quantic-dream/ Well this happened! And I thought this shit show could not get any better! Here's another media reporting the case, Its in french thought. On a jou� � Detroit chez Quantic Dream, nos impressions dans le ..
Please backfire, please backfire, pleeeeease
On one had, i hate quanticdreams, but the other hand i want to see the trainwreck of detroit.
Android personalities actually come from copying the soul of a rape victim, who had her soul bound to a computer via Native American spirit magic. The ritual involves taking a shower.
Im pretty sure Detroit would come out regardless, though considering the circumstances it might be the last Sony funded gane from Quantic Dream if this keeps up.
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