• Window falls off, three injured after severe turbulence hits Air India flight
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https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/window-falls-off-air-india-severe-turbulence-three-injured-10167962?cid=fbcna https://twitter.com/DanyalGilani/status/988257706833317888 HOW THE FUCK
Looks like just the interior pane that snaps in and out? Did the plane depressurize?
"The turbulence caused the inner window panel near seat 18-A to come off, but there was no loss of cabin pressure as the outside window did not break, the report said citing sources"
waaait waaait. I think that's just the little plastic panel that goes between the cabin and the real pressurised window looking at the video. That panel is basically just the holder for the shutters and little else, unsettling to see it fall off for sure but its not a load bearing thing so the plane itself would be fine. That being said I imagine if it flew off during turbulence it could've hurt someone, judging by what appears to be the poor old woman sitting by said missing window panel I cam imagine it was rather nasty.
well that was a load of hullaballoo over nothing wasnt it
Well, the Southwest incident ( where an entire person was sucked out of the plane through the window ) is still quite fresh on many people's minds. So i'm not surprised people are freaked out about plane windows falling apart.
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