• Detroit: Become Human Goes Gold, Demo Tomorrow
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What if the entire game is a naked shower scene with every single female character taking turns.
I mean, why not? They could make it a modern rendition of their hidden dance floor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjJHfjFa1CI Anyways, so this is coming out at 2 AM tonight, so i'm going to see what's in store..
Oh no, ze bed gam has gone gold.
never forget my dear molynux https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy44s_de15Y
Workplace sexual harassment is a failure of the game developer
A golden turd is still a turd.
Fantastic, been waiting for a comedy game for a while
what if the game disappoints everyone by actually being pretty good
Chinese underwater ghost base. David Cage is a terrible writer, it'll be a train wreck. I can't wait.
Well then we'll our Heavy Rain 2 ( Game(s) of David Cage that actually manage to be good )
heavy rain is more grounded than all of david's other games but it's still pretty bad
Daily reminder that David Cage is genuinely so delusional that he believes that no form of media has ever had the robots be the good guys.
Heavy rain was only tolerable because a publisher was there the whole time to say "No david you can't have ethan and the origami killer be psychically linked, thats retarded, you're retarded" and the result is a game with a gigantic plot point ripped out of it but still references to it (Ethan's blackouts were going to lead into the psychic link thing) but all the crap left in Heavy Rain doesn't make any sense anyway, especially the identity of the Origami Killer.
I haven't been following this game's movie's development at all, but is the general plot something along the lines of "Oh no, the robots are having an existential crisis, but man is the real monster. Also, David Cahjey is actually pretty racist so here's a robot with a boom box for a head and he only speaks in Ebonics"?
This is the guy who thinks natives are magical and black people have funk music playing their heads all day.
As much as I'd love to see a trainwreck, I'm actually worried this will be another Heavy Rain situation where the game is just good enough in certain areas to impress critics and players who won't realize how bad the flaws are, and will only be seen for what it is years after the fact.
You forgot about the 300lbs giant black man who attempted to kill a federal officer in a scrapyard because uhhhhh reasons.
I mean a lot of the games I like have glaring or troublesome flaws. There's really no shame in admitting them. Fallout 4 - Fun for its Shooting and Settlement building, but is definitely NOT a Role-Playing game Dues Ex - Requires me to install graphical mods to allow for the use of modern resolutions The Walking Dead - Great story but it's graphics and animations are fairly dated compared to Seasons 2 and up The Sims 2 - Requires me to apply my screen resolution, input my Graphics card info to detect my graphics card and install mods to fix shadows. Flaws in games are nothing to lose sleep over. They happen, people will point them out and Developers grow more wiser another day
I'm cautiously optimistic about the game. It seems like it would at the very least, be a fun pop-corn game. If there is one thing that makes David Cage's games entertaining, is that they are complete wild rides from beginning to end, and this one seems like it will keep up that trope. Hopefully it isn't a complete trainwreck.
You don't seem to understand the magnitude of the flaws in David Cage's game versus the ones you bring up. We are talking about someone who uses grossly outdated racist stereotypes (Tyler in Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit having funk music constantly playing during his segments, Mad Jack in Heavy Rain ticking every possible box on the "black thug" stereotype list, the "sinister asians" behind the evil underwater ghost base in Beyond: Two Souls), constantly subjects his female characters to demeaning and fetishistic scenarios (Carla in Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit hooks up with the killer she's been chasing for the whole story out of nowhere, Madison is put through multiple sexual assaults that are promptly brushed off in Heavy Rain, Jodie is basically forced to try and hook up with her jackass of a handler in Beyond: Two Souls, and of course the damn shower scenes), or how many characters and scenes are directly lifted from Hollywood films (every game has a major element taken from The Silence of the Lambs for starters) . The writing in each of these games have been picked over for being riddled with plot holes, cliches and contrived writing, and yet David Cage still gets hailed as one of gaming's greatest and even socially progressive writers by game critics, and I feel it is completely undeserved.
Like I kinda like Heavy Rain, it’s interesting, and can fool you if you turn your brain off, but falls into borderline offensive territory if you even remotely think about the representation of women or black people. on the other hand people who claim there’s nothing wrong with Beyond are fucking crazy as it goes way over the top in terms of reasonable scenes, like how someone with a fucking Stand gets nearly raped three or four times... or how she happens to discover that Native Americans are magic and can literally summon demons from completely different cultures. or how someone can just gloss over how the game tells you to fuck off and that the main male lead isn’t a creepy stalker. Or the fucking Underwater fucking Chinese ghost base
Don't forget the fact that said killer (who is rebounding off of his recently deceased girlfriend) is literally undead by the time Carla hooks up with him, and they have sex in an environment where his body would be freezing cold. Also you forgot a pretty big one: the attempted teen rape in Beyond and the cut path where said rape would've actually happened.
I can't stress this enough, and every time I think about Heavy Rain I actually get super pissed off because every.single.scene Madison is in is some sort of rape fantasy/weird sexual fantasy. All of them. Every single fucking one
I didn't forget about those, just didn't want to make the post too large and make it clumsier to read. I am forever baffled at seeing praise for Madison as a strong female character when just about everything about her scenes is shamelessly exploitative and needless to the plot. You could remove her from the game and the only thing you would have to do is edit a few seconds of Ethan's scenes to account for the loss. Fun Fact: Sony actually asked Cage to take out Madison's nude scenes. Cage refused and said something to the effect that her body was too good not to show off.
So why does David Cage have an obsession with gratuitous fanservice and sex scenes that serve little purpose combined with zombie kung-fu and ghost dimensions?
The former is probably because he's a French director, the latter has been discussed by the Super Best Shitlords https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv7DYeI1CDc
He's a creative creep and I'd put money down that Beyond: Two Souls was simply a ruse so he could wank to media of a naked Ellen Page after obsessing over her. Just read the language in this article: https://kotaku.com/the-video-game-that-began-with-pictures-of-ellen-page-1440500148 ...followed by this one: Ellen Page explored legal action against Sony over nude video ga.. Would bother to make the links nicer, but newpunch is cool and the function doesn't work or I just don't know how.
All of those things would be fine, but that's not even what you get; what you actually get is forced coercion and various forms of sexual assault and degradation. There's zero fanservice involved, this is straight up rapine authorship.
If you think that the representation of Black people is bad in Heavy Rain, clearly you haven't played Indigo Prophecy, where soul/funk music plays in the background every time you are playing as the Black police officer
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