• Millicent Fawcett statue unveiled in Parliament Square, London
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I keep reading Millicent as Maleficent and was expecting a statue of this person https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/a/a9/Maleficent_disney.png/256px-Maleficent_disney.png
That'd be a awesome statue to have, kinda disappointed it isn't her now
Millicent Fawcett is a real icon; a suffragist not a suffragette who didn't resort to thuggish and violent behaviour and got things done properly. Far better to have her statue there than one of the Pankhursts.
Theresa May says she would not be PM without Millicent Fawcet I guess Millicent can't get it all right
People don't realise how influential figures like Millicent Fawcett really were because, in terms of basic historical education in high school/college along with general knowledge, the suffragettes completely overshadow the work of suffragists such as Millicent Fawcett. In terms of actually achieving the vote, suffragists contributed far more to the vote being given to women than suffragettes; female emancipation was already on the political agenda at least 5 years before the vote was given to women, with a majority of MPs supporting it. The reason it was repeatedly delayed was because a) the MPs in parliament were sorting out the details of the policy, and b) because suffragettes put MPs in a position when granting emancipation would be perceived as making concessions to terrorists. Christabel Pankhurst was actually renowned for generally hating men, as she spread pamphlets around London stating that all men had venereal disease (a claim that obviously wasn't true). Furthermore, most suffragettes supported emancipation only for middle class women - the two members of the family (Adela and Sylvia) that actually supported full emancipation were removed by Emmeline from the Women's Social and Political Union. Basically, the suffragists like Millicent Fawcett don't receive nearly as much credit as they deserve for pushing through feminist policy, and far too much credit actually goes to the suffragettes who actually hindered the progress of women's rights.
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