• Microsoft initiates actions to 'protect its intellectual property' on ElDewrito
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Yeah, the PC community is very important to them, that's why we haven't gotten a Halo game on PC for 14 years, but they gave us Halo 5 Forge mode but only Forge mode, because we're so important to them. Yeah no, Microsoft can get fucked. Maybe you never knew how many PC players wanted a Halo game because you never release any Halo games on PC, even missing a HUGE opportunity to port the MCC to PC so we could get caught up with all the Halo games we never got, but no, shut down the only Halo game we have because you think you need to. THAT will surely get the fans on your side.
Halo 5 Forge does everything Halo 5 does except Campaign and Warzone. You want Arena, Slayer, BTB, etc, it's all available at no charge. There's been evidence that MCC was meant to be ported to PC, but after the disastrous launch porting the game before it's fixed will only create controversy. Halo Wars 1 and 2 were ported to PC just last year, and Phil Spencer's focus on Microsoft exclusives instead of Xbox exclusives means we're probably going to see more Halo content on PC soon, possibly even this year.
Microsoft has always been aware of Halo's popularity on PC; the original sold like hotcakes, and Halo 2 was even used to get Vista to sell better. Problem is, Halo 1 was a tool to get the Xbox to sell, and once it did, the sequel was inevitable, and helped boost Xbox sales as well. When Microsoft saw how much money Halo made them getting the Xbox sold they decided that its exclusivity was worth more than the additional sales made by the PC version, which was competing with its Xbox version. (Halo + Xbox = more money than Xbox + already owned windows PC) It took a few years to shove a half assed third party Halo 2 port out to PC to satisfy fans. Halo 3 was to the 360 as Halo 1 was to the original Xbox; except Microsoft wouldn't make the same mistake twice, and keeping Halo console exclusive meant no lost sales to its own operating system, and more 360s sold. Money over fans. That was the MO, hell, it's why Halo was greenlit to begin with. With the Xbox One pushing towards a "games as a service" system, and Windows 10 and Xbox merging together, it makes sense to push Halo for PC, but in order to make up for the lost obscene profit selling new consoles with a new Halo game (Windows 10 is pretty much universally owned and was obtained for free by most users) microtransactions are almost guaranteed for any future Halo PC releases.
They're doing a lot better in regards to the PC gaming community compared to 10 years ago. The execs and leadership during that time wanted everything to be xbox/xbox live. We really don't know what their currents plans are with the Halo IP on the PC. There was tons of hints of a possible Halo 3/MCC port but that probably went to shit after the horrible launch on Xbox.
Try playing Sea of Thieves. And by that I mean try using the Microsoft App Store.
I have and works great. Your point?
works fine here too not to say it's the best possible experiance, but I haven't had any outlandish issues that actively stop me from playing
There's tons of variables on why the Microsoft app store doesn't work well on some systems.
The main variable is forcing PC players into using a bad store with a bad, required social integration (Xbox). It's the exact same mistake they made with Games For Windows Live, which tells me they've learned nothing and have earned their failure.
MCC came out four years ago. If they wanted to port it, they've had more than enough time. Porting Halo Wars 1 and 2 when they've been effectively telling the Halo community on PC to bend over since Halo 2's port came out and was not only only playable on Vista but also a complete clusterfuck in terms of controls and optimization. Halo 5 Forge on PC is also far from a complete MP package, ignoring the fact that people want Halo 3, not Halo 5. Microsoft burned their bridges with the PC halo fanbase a long time ago and while things look better now than they did a few years ago I wouldn't call the current mood anything higher than 'extremely cautious optimisim'.
This is nothing like Game for windows live. They initally started charging PC players a subscription like Xbox live gold. Just because it isn't on steam or other mainstream PC clients doesn't mean it's the end of the world.
Steam isn't the problem, the Microsoft store being garbage and Windows apps being walled gardens is,
Again, I haven't had Microsoft store problems in a long time. There's some obviously wrong with your OS installation.
Wrong again, my Windows 10 install is less than a week old and problem free. I think you're just way less picky about your experience..
If you're having store issues then it's definitely not problem free.
You would think that they would have more games on PC since, Mac and Linux wouldn't have them.
A gold subscription to xbox was not required to play online with GFWL, but there were some restrictions for those that wanted it. The only one I can remember is that halo 2 pc server admins could allow gold only accounts, otherwise everyone was able to play the game online without a subscription https://facepunch.com/fp/emotes_p/doubt.png
"problem free"
Yeah, that's why I didn't state that it was required to play online.
The question is, will the people behind El Dewrito actually do anything about the DMCAs? They received DMCAs when they started years ago and decided to continue regardless so it may just come down to how much effort Microsoft is going to put into going after the creators. If anything, this makes me excited for Microsoft's E3 event because they may announce something for the PC since this is similar to the Halo Wars fiasco.
My MSI Afterburner overlay works perfectly. Steam overlay is a piece of shit even in regular games. They don't allow you to modify them because they want a unified platform between it and Xbox. You can't have players modifying files on cross platform games.
If you don't see your latter point as anti-gamer and a mistake you're a lost cause.
I like how they only took notice of it when Eldewrito got more attention than 343's pathetic excuse for Halo games. "the PC community is very important to us" Oh spare me the soulless coporate PR bullshit, we both know that's not true.
Burned bridges by doing what? Not catering to a side of the fanbase that they've historically never catered to? MCC was four years ago, yes. And in that times it's been broken and porting that mess would have been a terrible decision without devoting time and resources to fixing everything wrong with it - something that's finally underway right now. And since MCC, we've only seen Microsoft attempt to reach the Halo community. Halo 5: Forge wasn't a bad port and contained all the vital components to Halo. Halo Wars 1 and 2 being ported is a show of what's to come - Halo is among the UWP titles now. The only reason this conversation is even happening is because of Halo: Online, a dedicated PC game that got canned a year after the MCC launch. MCC being fixed is currently top priority now that it actually is fixable. After that it's more than likely we'll see it come to PC.
According to UWPHook, it doesn't work due to a steam limitation. Granted that a lot of window hooks have such shit documentation I wouldn't be surprised if valve just hasn't bothered UWPHook is an open source application that allows you to run uwp apps from steam and things like in home streaming Granted microsoft did say two years ago about promising to add proper support for mods/overlays etc. It remains big 🎈 whoop because I haven't really seen anything proper come out of it.
so should i be able to mod console games because "pro-gamer"
This is probably what trueplay was made for https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/90a27b13-5e8b-40b0-a7ae-9437734717ef/image.png UWP isn't invincible https://youtu.be/eH1YuxhABlg https://github.com/Wunkolo/UWPDumper/tree/master/UWPInjector
Perhaps you should have given the audience that supports Halo games and buys Halo games the option to legitimately play Halo Online, instead of locking it to a region for the sole purpose and motivation that the region in question doesn't support or buy console games, and steals computer games. Fuck them anyway, there is clearly evidence to support it would have been Pay to Win Microtransaction horse cock, and what we have now is a true Halo experience from the fans.
Yes, just don't be a douche in multiplayer.
Can't wait for Halo Online Windows 10 locked F2P Microtransactions unmoddable [NOW WITH BATTLE ROYAL MODE!]
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