• Radical Heights Loses 82 Percent of Player Base in 2 Weeks
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I wonder why though? Is it because of something in the game itself? Is it because there are "better" options for Battle Royale? Is it because people are used to "Early Access" meaning that the game is basically done design wise when this in fact is far from done?
Probably. Radical heights might be free but so is Fortnite and that game is more complete. Why invest so much time into agame that may never fully launch from a developer whose only other game tanked?
Radical Heights is so early it shouldn't have even been released under the "Early Access" nomenclature's original meaning. The ONLY reason it was released was to cash in on the trend while it was relevant, and to make sure it released before there were more competitors, but it was so underdeveloped that people just went back to the more complete games.
its buggy and unfinished probably because they dont have the money left to develop it to a release state. It's kinda sad.
From Radical Heights to Bogus Lows
even if they did have the money, even if it wasn't buggy, the concept would still be lazy and tone deaf.
Is Cliffy B in the article comments? https://i.imgur.com/ivpomzX.png and the aesthetic of the game is perfect. https://i.imgur.com/vb6EXtr.jpg Not sure if Cliffy B has some hardcore fanbase that defends everything he makes or a PR team that is everywhere for damage control. I actually met a few other people on some discords that similarly defended it. With Lawbreakers they had at least something polished, releasing this in the state it is is just a sad cash grab. Lets don't forget they already tried to go with literal pay2win boosts but just so happened to reconsider.
>Along with the aforementioned issues with glitches, a lot of players also report feeling that Radical Heights does little to distinguish itself in an oversaturated genre. You mean a quickly-made cash-in can't have a sustainable playerbase? What a shocking revelation!
hes got a deal with putin to use some of those trolls for cliffys own propaganda
Now, the real question: is RH the final nail in the coffin for Cliffy or can he manage to make one more failure?
It's because Fortnite already exists as a consistent, more polished F2P experience for Battle Royale on the market, which means that unless something blows everyone's socks off, most people are gonna migrate back to it and PUBG inevitably. It's the Call of Duty clause; so many clones, like Homefront or the like, but no one stuck through with them because why bother buying other potentially $60 games when you can just go back to Call of Duty for consistency? What little Radical Heights does to stand out doesn't mean much to the rest of the populace hooked on BR games, if something has a firm enough standing that can be relied upon then people may get bored every once in a while and look at other products but come back usually.
I just think he mixed up the words "Early Access" and "beta" ... Cause this feels a lot more like a Beta.
Thats a pretty standard drop, I'd go as far to say that 18% is a far larger retention than I expected. I enjoyed how fast paced the game was compared to fortnite, and am looking forward to it (hopefully) entering a state where it has playable framerates.
i think you mean pre-alpha
Fans will defend anything they like, and just about anything has fans.
Okay, I would say Alpha stage like Velox said. Its somewhat more together since their last big patch. They're working on it and a player base honestly hasn't formed. And it most likely won't because they released playable bullshit too early and it puts everyone off and they probably won't want to try it again even after MAYBE it gets better. Honestly, feel bad for Cliff. Making menial mistakes like that could make you or break you.... LAWBREAK YOU.
Probably pushing this out fast because Cliffy B's studio is bleeding out after the disaster that was Lawbreakers. Battle Royal was the safest bet for a quick cash grab and to secure his company.
not surprised tbh. This got released way too early but did because lawbreakers made no money so boss key are broke
TBH i hope that Radical heights turns into their Rainbow Six. I can see a good game behind the unfinished assets, and they aesthetic is pretty unique and enjoyable.
You only get to release your game once
I feel really bad for Cliffy. The guy can be a cocky ass sometimes but no one deserves this much failure.
I think you mean X-treme Early Access
Shouldn't shit on a dedicated fanbase either.
Radical Heights just sounds like the name of a dudebro version of Wuthering Heights to me.
Cliffy "Every PC gamer is a pirate" B deserves every failure he has earned himself
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