• Swedish Youtuber/Robot Enthusiast Simone Giertz reveals she has brain tumour.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpa4kp4lK60 https://mashable.com/2018/04/30/simone-giertz-brain-tumor-shitty-robots/#veBA6rvEDgqF
I know this might seem like a bit of a strange thing to focus on but if the title didn't mention it, I wouldn't have guessed she was Swedish or even non-American. There's like no trace of a foreign accent. Also, the amount of gallows humor she's throwing at this is ridiculous. I hope I can be this nonchalant about really bad things that happen to me.
oh god why Sounds like it's expected to go over pretty smoothly, hope it does
Saw the title and said to myself "Please don't be the shitty robot lady." It was the shitty robot lady. T_T
She's a real talent and nice as hell person, hopefully the procedure she's getting is all she'll need.
It's so scary how shit like this can just happen to you at any time and fuck up your life
#tumorhumour Luckily its not cancer or immediately deadly. Hope the surgery will be without complications as well.
This really hits home hard. I've been a fan of Simone since her first video, and seeing her go through this... it reminds me that despite being sick all the time, I take for granted what I am still able to do, and I need to stop waiting for things to get better, and start taking life by the balls. Kick that tumour in the dick, Simone.
Her sense of humour is incredible. Kick that tumour's ass, Simone.
Simone is one of the loveliest people there is. This saddens me deeply, and I truly wish for her to get better. Doesn't sound like it's a glioblastoma, which is great news. It also seems to be quite superficial, so if the surgery goes well it will be as if it was never there. Still quite a traumatic event, of course. But still <3
Man, first William Osman's house burns down, now Simone is sick. Did someone lay a curse on the shitty robots YTer community or something?
Nice how she's not letting it destroy her sense of humor or stop her from what she loves though.
aw man, I love all her videos and shitty robots. she's such a nice human. hoping the best for her.
Super happy that it doesn't seem cancerous.
Swedes speak pretty damn good English in general. Predilection for gallows humour is also a common Scandinavian thing.
I've got me one of thems. Macroprolactinoma. 3cm. Doctor, first thing after seeing my MRI, he says "I'm surprised you can see!"... Guess it was compressing the hell out of my optic nerves. I just though I had low testosterone at 25, nope, tumor making too much prolactin and suppressing my FSH, LH, Testosterone and a couple other hormones.
I've never seen her channel before but I like the content
Dear good god I can't even stomach needles, I dunno how the fuck I'd have to deal with actual brain surgery... What a champ.
I think her positive attitude just makes it harder for me to not tear up. I really admire her bravery.
we got an update https://twitter.com/SimoneGiertz/status/1002036156752543746
what a lass
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