• Man trying to take selfie with bear gets mauled to death
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https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/man-bear-selfie-video-mauled-death-selfies-india-odisha-asia-a8335806.html Poor bear
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
“The bear is being treated for its injuries.” Good that they didn't witch hunt the animal for doing animal shit.
why the absolute fuck would you ever intentionally go near a wounded bear
Complete dumbass.
Please never run from a predator that isn't already running at you lmao
Generally, if it's brown - stay down, if it's black - fight back.
...that username though. checks out. This shouldn't ever really need to be said, but I'll say it: DON'T FUCKING APPROACH WILD ANIMALS REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY ARE.
Did he get the selfie though?
It's not a "man killer." It's a bear. It's an animal. It didn't wake up that morning and think, "I'm going to kill Man today because fuck human beings." It was hurt and a guy ran up and harassed it and it did what animals do. Euthanizing the bear would be ridiculous and it wouldn't prevent retards from targeting other bears.
Yes it would and it historically has. Why do you think park rangers concerned with conservation hunt down and kill these animals almost 100% of the time?
Thats all well and good but in practice I'd probably just shit myself and not remember any of that
Understanding why someone did something is completely different from justifying the action, lmao. Also, if you read what I posted you'd see that I did provide a reason why the animal should be killed. Here is a source for that claim. http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2012/07/an_alligator_ate_my_arm_should_we_kill_it_.html Maybe if you left your cushy worldview you'd understand that the most direct way to get something isn't always what's best. If your plans consist of you doing what you want to and hoping everyone else plays nice you're foolish and adverserial to your own goal.
Which is why you should print out a A2 copy of it and have it in your back pocket to remind yourself
Guy is an idiot. Natural selection.
I was half expecting a selfie image of the bear mid attack.
I don't know if it is being naive, immature, unaware of what are you looking at or sheer stupidity. But good thing this time the bear wasn't killed later for what any animal would naturally do to in the same situation to defend itself. In most outcomes the animal is the one always losing. My condolences and respect to the dead man but I can't fell sympathy for the kind of people willing to do this, I still can't forget that time were a group of people took a dolphin out of the water to take selfies with it.
This isn't the first time I've seen this happen in India - there was a drunk idiot who thought he had some sort of connection and jumped into a tiger enclosure. Tiger swiped left. NSFL and also a great demonstration of exactly how fucking strong tigers are.
Animals who are caught killing humans tend to be euthanized to make sure they do not develop a habit of killing people.
Somebody never watched the Grizzly Man
Remember to not play dead if the bear is attempting to prey on you, only do that if you spook a bear and it attempts to kill you in self defense.
This is horrible advice. The NPS has a guide on what to do during a bear encounter. See also these two articles (1, 2) that contain information from biologists who have experience with bears in the wild Above all else, always carry bear spray if you are entering bear country. Don't bother with a gun. Bear spray is vastly more effective and reliable than firearms of any sort in both deterring bears and reducing the severity of bear attacks. However, DO NOT USE IT LIKE INSECT REPELLENT. Bears may be attracted to the scent of bear spray if it is sprayed around tents and on backpacks since it smells like food. Only use it when actually being attacked by a bear.
The black bears where I live have gotten so bad due to the vast amounts of food they can get ahold of. Bears having 3-5 cubs. I saw 7 around the trash bins for my neighborhood. The landlord just yells at them and runs them off like they are stray dogs. Why anyone would think to approach a wouned hulky beast was a good idea, is beyond me.
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