• Potential new cure found for baldness
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Fitting header image. Would a cure for baldness warrant a Nobel Prize?
Meh finasteride works perfectly for me already It would be good for women that have to use minoxidil tho
Could maybe help with peoplle going through chemo. Unless chemo is way to aggressive.
The article really doesn't say anything about whether this is appropriate to throw into someone's chemo cocktail or whether it even targets CIA. So that's probably quite a stretch.
I think people going through Chemo have waaay better things to worry about tbh
The problem with chemo is that it's designed to kill fast growing cells, which is why it causes hair loss. If you make hair grow faster it won't really matter if you're going through chemo.
Sure, but having cancer patients having to worry about one thing less would be pretty great. Hair loss can be a pretty big deal and lower confidence, especially in girls/women I imagine.
Absolutely not. My sister just had a round of mild chemo and she said that it nearly doubles the pain of the process. Because your body feels like shit inside and it looks shit outside too (her words, not mine). It absolutely crushes self confidence and very nearly lead to her saying "fuck it" and not even doing chemo.
Just because there are more important things doesn't mean the less important things don't matter. Hopefully you don't apply this philosophy to your general life, but if you apply it to cancer patients...then who knows.
The only true treatment is finasteride. Minoxidil is a topical treatment that boosts hair growth only when taken. Finasteride halts the balding and may regrow some by inhibiting certain types of testosterone. As you can expect from that, male side effects can include erectile dysfunction, low libido, gynocomastia, depression etc. So its a gamble. I took it after i balded at 16, started taking it at 18, its been many years now and its still going strong. I was lucky to experience none of the side effects, and it grew all my hair back and thickened my existing hair. I plan to stop taking it at 30 and go bald, but i like having it at the moment
Does it work for people who lost a third of their hair to an allergic reaction to shampoo years ago just wondering haha
Minoxidil would probably work for that?
Doubtful, sounds like the hair follicles were killed to death and transplants would be needed. Ofc one would have to ask a doctor who would actually see what kind of alopecia happened.
I think it would warrant a No-bald Prize. please don't hate me
Don't know why you got rated badly for that. When my late wife lost hair from chemo she got used to it pretty quickly and started to enjoy it after awhile. I get that not everyone's the same, but the nausea you get from chemo can be pretty shit. Oh and there's also some literal shitty moments that can occur resulting in some bed pan usage. Those were not very fun times, but yeah, considering that, baldness really ain't that big of a deal.
Yes, but I mean random forum posts about how finasteride ruined their life etc. Also steer clear for baldness forums like the plague, theres so many people that hate themselves there. Would recommend just seeing a doctor and doing what works for you.
Even though I do rather enjoy being bald, it's a lot less work and a freshly shaved head feels amazing, it would be pretty awesome to have long hair again. Wish something like this came out while I was a teenager, though, it kind of sucked being the only balding 16-17 year old in the entire town.
When my mom went through chemo she was distraught over losing her hair, but we took her to a wig store and she found a luscious hairstyle that looked great on her. Now post cancer she keeps her hair short and wears the wig because it looks better then her hair ever has. For some dumb reason people generally laugh at men who wear toupees, and some people won't date bald guys (have heard this from both men and women unfortunately) so men who bald can have severe self-image and self-confidence issues. Any cure for baldness is a cause worth backing. I hope I never lose my hair but my grandfathers' went bald in their fourties so I'm not looking forward to going bald. I have a friend who went bald at 18 who would be estatic to get his hair back, rogaine and the like never worked for him.
My hair is thinning out really bad. I'm really missing the rockstar hair I used to have
Anyone who wont date someone based on their hair is a complete idiot and not worth the time.
I suppose that's not quite a way I'd have thought about it since I don't quite give a damn about perceived appearances outside of keeping myself visibly clean and well clothed. That and bald women seem somehow totally normal to me, nothing hates me more than 'social norms' reinforcing what people 'should look like' I suppose for woman, external baldness can create a lack of internal confidence in themselves, especially when you focus more on appearances. If that wording makes sense. Something that maybe wouldn't bother me as much. Who knows though, I don't suffer from debilitating cancer, so I can't truly say what it'd be like.
Finasteride is hardly a "cure" - it acts a maintenance drug and not a very good one, many men experience side effects (much more than merck funded studies suggest) that make it undesirable for them to take on a long term basis, not to mention the drug lacks efficacy after the 5 year mark, many anecdotal reports of men's baldness progressing after that point.
I never said it was a cure. Please source some evidence that the study is wrong. Im at the 7 year mark, no hairloss. Also started when I just started balding, since it mainly helps hold in existing hairs. This is what people need to know, its not a cure, its a preventative.
You responded to the finding of a potential cure with "meh finasteride works perfectly for me" the implication being that a cure was worthless because finasteride was already good enough for men, don't be disingenuous. I'm not going to the trouble of sourcing, I'm speaking to the broad research that has taken place in recent years which suggests the incidence of side effects for men taking finasteride is higher than the official merck figures of 2%. You're asking me to cite about 10 different studies. The wikipedia article on finasteride is a perfectly good place to start if you actually care, i dont get the feeling you do.
scott manley's cure for baldness "Its an aerodynamic hairstyle darnit!"
Im sorry but if you disagree with the official merck study its on you to provide some evidence than some baseless claim. Also it did work perfectly for me, as a preventative. In no way was i speaking on behalf of anyone else, so you should stop overthinking and making up motives like that in your head. Asking you for evidence is "not caring", come on rofl.
I'd say any alternative that doesn't kill your dick is quite welcome.
It's worth noting that finasteride has so many feminizing side effects that it's actually used as trash-tier hormone replacement therapy for trans girls who don't have access to anything better.
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