• Metro Exodues delayed to Q1 2019
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Unfortunate, but if they're using the time to improve it, go ahead.
Unfortunate that it's been delayed, it was one of the games i was looking forward to the most the year! Still, what they have shown so far looks awesome already and if it results in a better game then that's great.
Few notes about the game:
We all know why it's delayed. Stalker got announced and Metro devs want to beef up game
Oh that gets me all excited. I had no idea the spaces would be that big.
I expected this to be honest, the game seems a little too big to be done this year. Probably gonna take more polish.
I will happily wait for Metro Exodus if that's the case. We need more Eastern European sci-fi wastelands.
Yeah this is almost always a good thing but still makes me sad as I want to play it now but with the polish of its current release date.
Was the pun in the title intentional? If so, well done. I'm totally okay with this delay - I always prefer it when a game developer is happy to delay things. As long as the gunplay is slightly less janky than in 2033, I shall be very happy (I still loved 2033 though, to clarify.)
damn i actually kinda forgot this was a thing. hopefully by the time it releases i'll have upgraded my rig so i can actually play it
Metro's one of the only series currently around that I've continually loved - hell, I even bought the redux versions despite already owning the originals. If a delay means we'll get a more polished game then I certainly can't complain.
I hope to god they don't fuck up the Kalash's sound like they did in Last Light and Metro Redux.
I wonder if the old S.T.A.L.K.E.R./Metro thread title rivalry will be revived
I'm honestly really glad they're delaying it. Nice to know that the fad of releasing unfinished games isn't influencing them.
To be fair, 2033 Redux is VERY different from 2033.
For the better. But in a wonderful way. An already great game became great+.
If one were to get into Metro, would OG 2033 or Redux be a better choice?
Yeah they did a really good job with the remaster.
Except it's buggy as hell
Played both of them, have read all the books, massive fan of the series, honestly prefer the OG 2033. I think the lighting changes they did harm the atmosphere of the game even if they're more visually impressive. The new voice actors (why did they have to re-record the dialogue?) don't hit the mark for me but most importantly, I dislike the changes to the game balance where Redux leans a bit more towards a straight FPS and the stealth is quite gimped in comparison. Your mileage may vary though - I play with Russian audio, headphones on, dark room, drinking vodka from a bottle, Ranger difficulty (i.e. survival horror mode) and a spare pair of pants nearby. If that sounds like you, I think you should go OG (palindrome unintended),
Honestly I welcomed the changes to the environments in 2033:Redux but holy shit the stealth being gimped the way it was wasn't fun, the original has much better mechanics but both are still relatively sound games. Also Last Light's level design is shite
I agree that Ranger is a completely different experience from normal but ranger for me was TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION
I have an R9 380, think that's old enough to run into issues?
The only actor that got rerecorded for Redux was Artyom's. The rest are the same as in the OG game, IIRC.
The biggest mistake they made was re-recording him lmao
For me it's totally worth it for the few moments where it all goes to hell and you realize that you have about a dozen rounds between all your weapons, your mask is fogging up, the flashlight is barely lighting the room you're in and the only thing you can hear between Artyom's raspy, gasping breaths is the sound of some infernal creature screaming before tearing into you.
I think Redux is a much more polished experience, and most people new to the series should go for that one. However, if you totally get sucked in after beating Redux, buy the original and play through that too - Metro 2033 has so much hidden and stuff you don't notice until your second playthrough, that it's worth doing anyway. If you play 2033 Redux, play it in survival mode (instead of Spartan mode). Redux and OG are very, very different - but Redux is basically what would happen if 2033 was now (circa 2016, instead of 2010), and had more seasoned developers work on it.
I could've sworn that you couldn't back when it released but I booted it up just now and you can indeed turn off PhysX, so my previous comment on that is completely moot.
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