• Controversial Streamer xQc Swatted Mid-Broadcast in California Apartment
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Former professional Overwatch player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel found himself in handcuffs on Wednesday May 16th, after police raided his home. The controversial Canadian personality was released from the Dallas Fuel Overwatch League team in March following a series of incidents that led to a league ban During a late night stream in his California apartment on May 16th, xQc took his headphones off and you can hear police in the other room shouting at him to put his hands up. Footage shows him walking out of the room and he is asked whether there is anyone else is in there. xQc later revealed that they had three guns pointed at him. Controversial Streamer xQc Swatted Mid I copy pasted the article's title but it wasn't a swat attempt. It was a fucking noise complaint.
Raiding a house for a noise complaint? Though maybe it was indeed swatting according to article, well according to the guy... Also this sorta puts into perspective how it must feel: At the end of the conversation you can hear xQc explaining that he'll be sleeping elsewhere that night, but it's unclear if he'll end up leaving the apartment for good Imagine being scared to sleep in your own place
Considering how loud this guy gets, they were probably expecting someone violent/a domestic abuse situation. Didn't help that he never answered the door.
Doesn't really excuse point 3 fucking guns at him
My god, he needs help
Jesus tap-dancing Christ, that guy has issues.
I love how the article calls him "Controversial" That's a far more serious word than it needs to be, can't we just call them "idiots" or something
I think it has to do with him being on one of the Overwatch League teams, making the news twice before the team dropped him. But idiot is a better fit for him.
people watch this idiot?
Not a SWAT, it was a noise complaint He's known for yelling and banging his desk for hours on end The event happened around midnight The police were knocking on his door for several minutes with no response
I addressed the first point in the OP. I just copied the original articles title for continuity. I know why the noise complaint was called in, what I don't know is why the police responded to a noise complain with drawn firearms
Because if anything, the neighbors thought it was domestic abuse considering Felix's personality of yelling and banging on shit, not to mention the police knocked for several minutes with no response.
But that alone still isn't enough of a reason to get pointed at with multiple rifles
His meltdowns sound like he's murdering someone. They probably thought he was unhinged (he is)
If its known that he won't shut up write him a paper mail that he'd get kicked out or something. This seems like it was being treated like a way more serious situation.
reminder that this raging baboon somehow got into overwatch league (and booted out)
Who the fuck said anything about rifles?
Domestic Violence calls are one of the most random things a police officer can be called to. When you arrive you face anything from a false alarm to being shot at before you even get out of your car.
When someone refuses to answer a door after a potential domestic dispute police have to be cautious when they enter in case the homeowner had a gun or refused to comply.
It's what the viewers love about his stream. The people he lived with (Bren, Sideshow, Reinforce) said he was completely fine off stream.
Police don't kick in a door with guns drawn over a noise complaint. Whoever called it in must have hinted at the idea of someone being harmed in some way
He might. That or something like Intermittent explosive disorder. If I was a police officer and someone called in a noise complaint, and when I showed up the dude was continuing to scream and absolutely refused to open the door, you bet your ass I'd have my weapon drawn when he answers.
Cops had reason to believe a crime was taking place A) could have been a Burglary, B) Assault, C) some type of violence which needed intervention. Its easy to say something isn't enough reason, but you try entering a house when dealing with a situation in which you know jack shit about when you believe the absolute worse happens. Entering peoples homes in a situation like this is pretty risky and dangerous, people have attempted to ambush police at residences with fake calls. You don't know how someone is going to react to police presents. Assume the worst and hope for the best, they handled the situation as they needed too and because both parties cooperated no one got hurt.
Reminds me of what I hear coming from the salty motherfucker in the apartment next door screaming about how bad hsi team is at one in the morning
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