• Obamas sign multi-year deal to produce films and series for Netflix
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https://twitter.com/netflix/status/998594451378397185 https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/21/us/politics/barack-obama-netflix-show.html
can't say I'm not entirely uninterested in what this will be. Barry seems like a cool dude, hope something interesting comes out of this and it probably will. although I'm not entirely happy that presidents are seeming to be seen more as celebrities than representatives. also can't wait for trump to try and compare numbers.
Money's on an animal wildlife series on Lizards.
https://twitter.com/UrbanAchievr/status/998609340771815425 Can't really switch to Amazon Prime either cus Trump hates Amazon too so I guess it's basic cable for these folks. The libs must be feeling pretty owned right about now
You wonder how people like this function if they get this upset over a service that they use having a series that disagrees with their political opinions. I guess none of them use YouTube either, or have a cable subscription. Oh wait, they probably only watch Fox News, I guess they do. Makes you think.
Coming soon: https://i.imgur.com/i3aUtmC.jpg
Everybody haaaaates Barry
They should do a series about Obama getting the Chaos Emeralds.
The (((Deep State))) has gone too far!
It's hilarious watching all the Trumptards piss their pants on Twitter over this. I couldn't resist kicking the beehive myself a little.
what the fuck is up with those brackets anyways? it makes them look retarded, surely there's a reason for it?
Its an alt right thing I believe
It's a way of marking out Jewish people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_parentheses
I'm hoping he gets weird with it and just makes The Eric Andre show but now with higher profile guests and even more confused people on the street.
Going up from an interview with Joe Biden to the big man himself would surely be an impressive move for a show as high caliber as The Eric Andre Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BxI01IiwMw
What we're really waiting for is George Bush's Bob Ross 2: Painting Boogaloo to premiere. https://youtu.be/PbnT3Q464pM
It's hard to judge before actually seeing what he helps produce, but I'm down for issue-based programming and documentaries.
Even if I never watch whatever the Obamas cook up, I fully support the deal for this reason alone.
I'd watch a sitcom with Barry and Joe, not gonna lie.
Who will play the furry?
Barry's gonna be in the next Marvel show, can't wait
marvel is moving away from netflix because disney got super cocky and decided to invest in their own streaming service so they're pulling everything from netflix
black people on my netflix? THE AUDACITY
Worse yet: Democrats.
This could be really fun, could be a wholesome series Barry and Joe, or a wholesome sitcom Thanks Obama.
The fact they still call him president surprises me. Is this common practice?
"Former President ____" is a commonly used when talking about the person. Its a bit more descriptive as to who we are talking about, not just any old "Mr. Obama".
I think there's some debate over whether it's "correct" or not, but regardless it's pretty common in the US to treat public office as if it grants some sort of perpetual title of nobility. For example, see Obama's famous "please proceed, Governor" moment from the 2012 election debates. Here, he refers to Mitt Romney as "Governor", a title Romney hadn't held for more than five years. In the 2016 election, it was common to hear Hillary Clinton referred to as "Secretary Clinton" - three years after she left the role. Pretty weird and, AFAIK, unique to the US.
Uh. It's weird alright, but I thought it was a jab at Trump or something so it makes sense. I remember seeing it before but thinking "well, it's not been a full year since Trump's been in office", but at this point it's been almost two years so by this time I was thinking "well something's up, is it to spite people?". I guess it's kinda like Monarchies. You don't say ex-king or ex-prince, you just say King/Prince, even if they don't hold that position anymore/are dead.
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